Why don't we see Duchess Meghan wearing her engagement ring often?

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When Prince Harry married Meghan Markle in 2018, the former actress turned duchess received a stunning engagement ring that has a price tag of $270,000. It's a ring that has sparked plenty of controversy over the years.

And some of that controversy stems from the fact that whenever Duchess Meghan steps out without the ring on her hand, the tabloids decide that there must be issues in the royal couple's marriage. After all, if someone isn't wearing an expensive piece of jewelry when they run errands there must be some drama (cue all the sarcasm).

However, there is likely a very obvious reason why Duchess Meghan might not be walking around with her engagement ring on. (And considering she is still wearing her actual wedding ring, we can't help but think that the media is just looking for things to write about.)

Why doesn't Duchess Meghan always wear her engagement ring?

Meghan Markle
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As Showbiz Cheatsheet points out, the likely reason that Duchess Meghan is rarely seen with her engagement ring on in public is due to safety concerns. And that makes sense as we only have to look at what happened to Kim Kardashian in Paris to understand why the duchess may want to be mindful of where she is wearing a ring with a value of just shy of $300,000.

On top of the actual price tag associated with the ring itself, there is also the fact that the ring is associated with the British Royal Family to consider. And that makes it even more valuable in some ways.

Honestly, if Duchess Meghan or Prince Harry were targeted by thieves, it makes sense that they would go after something like the engagement ring. And it is better to be safe than sorry, so not wearing the ring in public makes perfect sense. Plus, it just makes sense that the duchess might only wear her engagement ring for more high profile events and where there is even more security available than even the couple has already.

What do you think about why Duchess Meghan likely doesn't wear her engagement ring? Do you think this makes sense?

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