Who are the current working royals?

Audiences With King Charles III At Buckingham Palace
Audiences With King Charles III At Buckingham Palace / WPA Pool/GettyImages

Even before King Charles took throne, he made it clear that he wanted to slim down the monarchy. This meant that there would be less working royals. In essence, less senior, royal members of the family doing work for the crown.

While this did make sense, the problem with a slimmed down monarchy is the fact that so many of the senior royals are in fact, senior citizens. And what happens if somebody gets sick? As 2024 has proven, the royal family is not immune to illness and problems. So what does that mean for the working royals? Who exactly are the current working royals under King Charles?

As US Weekly pointed out, in the last five years alone the royal family has technically lost five of their senior members. Not only did Prince Harry and Duchess Megan step down as working royals, but Prince Andrew was stripped of his titles and duties in 2022.

So who all does that leave the royal family with in terms of members who can and do perform official duties for the crown?

Here is a list of the current working royals as of 2024

  • King Charles III
  • Queen Camilla
  • Prince William
  • Princess Catherine
  • Princess Anne
  • Prince Edward, The Duke of Edinburgh
  • Sophie, The Duchess of Edinburgh
  • Prince Richard, The Duke of Gloucester (he was Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin)
  • Birgitte, The Duchess of Gloucester
  • Prince Edward, The Duke of Kent (another cousin of the late Queen)
  • Princess Alexandra, The Honorable Lady Ogilvy (Not only is she Prince Edward’s sister, but of course she was also the late Queen’s cousin)

This means that there are just 11 working royals as of 2024. And Prince William and Princess Catherine are obviously the youngest of that group. In the long run, this could potentially cause issues. And we are already seeing those issues when we consider that three of the 11 working royals have had to cut back on their work this year.

Does a slimmed down monarchy work? It might. But right now, it does seem like perhaps some changes need to be made if the monarchy wants to find its footing again.

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