King Charles III speaks out about Princess Catherine following cancer reveal

King Charles III Receives Cards From Wellwishers
King Charles III Receives Cards From Wellwishers / Pool/GettyImages

It has been a difficult start to 2024 for the royal family. Not only did Sarah Ferguson reveal that she had been diagnosed with a second form of cancer this year after a breast cancer diagnosis in the summer of 2023, but King Charles III himself was also diagnosed with cancer following a routine medical procedure at the beginning of February. And now, Princess Catherine has also been diagnosed with cancer.

After a video statement about her health was shared by the Prince and Princess of Wales social media, King Charles released his own statement about his daughter-in-law. According to Us Weekly, the king spoke out to offer his support to Catherine.

In the statement it was revealed that the king “is so proud of Catherine for her courage and speaking as she did. Following their time in hospital together, his majesty has remained in the closest contact with his beloved daughter-in-law throughout the past weeks. Both their majesty will continue to offer their love and support to the whole family throughout this difficult time.”

Clearly King Charles’s III wants everyone to know that he is in full support of Princess Catherine at this time. And considering he is going through a similar situation with his own health, it makes sense that he would want to show his love and support with his statement.

Considering the many rumors that have been circulating since Princess Catherine had her abdominal surgery in January, it does make sense that the king would speak out quickly about this news. It has long been said that King Charles and Princess Catherine have a solid relationship with each other and having him make this statement of love further proves that connection.

With the king also undergoing treatment for cancer, there is something quite powerful about him issuing a statement so quickly and with such a strong focus on his respect for her and what she is going through. We hope that the king and the princess are finding a way to lean on each other at this difficult time.

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