What is Queen Camilla like as a grandparent?

The King And Queen Visit Cornwall
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Recently we learned the cute nickname that Queen Camilla has from her grandchildren. And now, it seems like we are getting even more insight into who she is as a grandparent in general.

As a member of the royal family, there is a lot of pressure on the queen to uphold certain traditions and to help support her husband, King Charles. However, that doesn't mean that she stops being a mother or a grandmother. And we all know that family is important. So what is the queen like as a grandmother?

Queen Camilla's former daughter-in-law reveals what the queen is like as a grandmother

According to Sara Parker Bowles, the queen's former daughter-in-law, Queen Camilla is a very devoted grandmother. As People Magazine reports, Sara was taking part in a talk show in the UK where she opened about the queen and her grandchildren.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the queen is "an amazing granny. She's really hands-on, and she's really into it." In fact, it seems that she more than just a hands-on granparent. Apparently she also wants to know everything going on with her grandkids.

While explaining the type of grandmother the queen is, Sara Parker Bowles shared a little insight into interactions she has has with one of her granddaughters specifically revolving around a shared interest that they have, jewelry. "She wants to know everything that they're into. She loves jewelry and she's really knowledgeable about it. Lola is obsessed as well, so they always chat about that."

Of course, the bond between the queen and her granddaughters, and in particular their love of jewelry, is one that she herself has spoken about in the past. In June, the queen visited a studio in Norfolk where she opened up about her grandchildren, specifically joking that her granddaughters would be so jealous of her being at the studio (without them).

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