What did Lady Louise wear to Trooping the Colour 2024?

Trooping The Colour 2024
Trooping The Colour 2024 / Chris Jackson/GettyImages

Trooping the Colour 2024 has come and gone. And while the royal balcony may not have been jampacked with members of the royal family, there were some interesting looks from the ladies who did appear. For us, Lady Louise Windsor was a bit of a showstopper with her outfit choice.

For anyone unfamiliar with Lady Louise, she is the daughter of Prince Edward and Duchess Sophie, and the youngest niece of King Charles III. At 20 years old, she is 16th in line for the throne. And during this year's Trooping the Colour, she was a bit of a showstopper in a beautiful blue and white floral dress with a matching hat that some royal fans may actually recognize.

Thanks to the X (formerly Twitter) account Remoulade Sauce, a royal fashion watcher, we know exactly what Lady Louise was wearing for Trooping the Colour. Specifically, who designed both the dress and the hat she wore.

Lady Louise did some fashion recycling at Trooping the Colour 2024

Lady Louise Windsor
Trooping The Colour 2024 / Karwai Tang/GettyImages

First we really have to talk about the hat that Lady Louise wore on June 15. Some royal fans may recognize the hat, as it was actually worn by Duchess Sophie to Royal Ascot in 2023. The hat was designed by Jane Taylor in a beautiful blue that perfectly matched Lady Louise's dress. There was definitely a touch of whimsy to the hat and it was a perfect piece to pair with the floral dress.

And then we have the dress, which was also a royal rewear. That is because this dress was worn to the coronation of the king and it is a Suzannah x Rachel Levy Kumiko Iris Silk Dress. It is a stunning floral print dress that looked perfect with the hat.

Honestly, we love that Lady Louise did some fashion recycling with both her dress and her hat for Trooping the Colour. And the beautiful blue of her hat and dress was pure perfection, making a statement without being too overwhelming.

It was lovely seeing Lady Louise at Trooping the Colour and we can't wait to see what event she appears at next.

Did you recognize the hat and dress that Lady Louise wore? Were you a fan of her choice for Trooping the Colour?

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