Prince Louis remains a scene stealer in latest Trooping the Colour moment

Trooping The Colour 2024
Trooping The Colour 2024 / Karwai Tang/GettyImages

On June 15, the royal family celebrated King Charles III’s birthday at the annual Trooping the Colour. This military parade is all about the pageantry and features over 1400 soldiers and officers, as well as over 200 horses. It’s an event unlike any other, and once again it was a chance to see members of the royal family together as they celebrate with the people.

This year was an especially poignant event, as members of the royal family have been dealing with medical issues since the start of 2024. Not only was there a level of anticipation because this would be the first official outing for Princess Catherine since Christmas 2023, but there has been a lot of curiosity over who would make the cut in terms of joining King Charles and Queen Camilla on the balcony for the flyover.

While there may not have been a full balcony of royals, unlike in years past when Queen Elizabeth II was still alive, it was still a sight to see as Prince Louis once again proved that he can be a scene stealer. Not only did the young royal dance on the balcony as he stood in front of his mother, but some of the facial expressions he made were absolutely priceless.

Honestly, whenever Prince Louis is in attendance for a royal event, we are on the lookout for him to see what he is up to and how he is reacting to whatever is happening. There is something so refreshing about his innocence and his ability to have fun even in the smallest of moments.

Watching Prince Louis as he did a little dance on the balcony is one of those moments that we can all relate to, even in small ways. And of course, it is another instance of the prince going viral for just being himself.

It was so refreshing to see Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George looking relaxed as they enjoyed the festivities of Trooping the Colour. And honestly, this was a great way to maybe let go of (or at least forget about) some of the royal turmoil of 2024, even for a little while.

What did you think of this year’s Trooping the Colour? Do you enjoy watching Prince Louis being himself as much as we do?

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