The Spice Girls are getting their own stamps from the Royal Mail

The Spice Girls Perform At Croke Park - Tour Opener
The Spice Girls Perform At Croke Park - Tour Opener / Dave J Hogan/GettyImages

It's time to spice up your mail! In honor of the 30th anniversary (well I feel old) of the Spice Girls, the Royal Mail has decided to release a 15 stamp set featuring the ladies of the iconic girl group.

According to BBC News, this is actually the first time the Royal Mail has dedicated an entire "stamp issue to a female pop group." Not only will each member of the Spice Girls get their own stamp, but there will also be stamps with special moments from their career.

Images of some of the stamps were shared on social media, with all five ladies being represented on their own stamps before we get to see some of the group shots that are getting a place of honor on these stamps. One of the stamps features the girl group at the 1997 Brit Awards, while another stamp shows them performing on stage for the 2012 Olympic Games Ceremony!

The Spice Girls are getting honored with their own stamps in honor of their 30th anniversary

So what did the Spice Girls have to say about this honor from Royal Mail? According to a statement from the group, they are "so excited to be celebrated by Royal Mail, alongside some of the most iconic and influential music legends."

Considering the girl group is only the sixth musical group to get this particular honor, it makes sense that they would be excited for these stamps to be released. And we have to say that they are in good company as some of the other groups who were honored include Queen, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones. We not only love the fact that they are in such amazing company, but that they are also one of only six musical groups to be honored in this manner.

Even if you don't want all 15 stamps, you can always get the sheet of five stamps featuring all five members of the group, which is exactly what we plan to do if we can. And we love the idea, because at least then we can still celebrate 30 years of the Spice Girls and their music, even without investing in all of the stamps being released by the Royal Mail.

Check out a preview of the 30th anniversary stamps celebrating the iconic girl group below:

What do you think of this stamp collection from the Royal Mail? Are you excited for a Spice Girls stamp set? Will you be snagging these stamps when they officially roll out? Which stamp or stamps are your favorite of the 15?

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