Sarah Ferguson shares that she is learning herself in latest podcast

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Since starting her podcast, Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah, Sarah Ferguson has been opening up about not only her life, but also herself. And at the same time, she is doing this podcast alongside a friend who knows who Ferguson is outside of being the Duchess of York.

And in the latest episode of the podcast, 'The joy of motherhood, an extraordinary tale of Survival and the importance of giving friendship,' Sarah Ferguson admits that she is truly "learning Sarah now." Not only that, but she also admitted that she is becoming a better friend as well.

As she pointed out to her fellow Sarah on the podcast, she is starting to learn herself and it is actually rather difficult for her. She even explained that this was the first time Eugenie had heard her say that she was "fighting for Sarah and working for Sarah." Basically, Ferguson is starting to put herself first and it is a challenge, but it is also something very important for her and of course for her family.

Considering Sarah Ferguson is a grandmother now, it makes sense that she would want to be a good influence and someone to look up to. And for a lot of women, putting yourself first is difficult. It can be a challenge. At the same time, we all know that by knowing ourselves and thinking of ourselves first, it makes us stronger and it allows us to be a better person.

Sarah Ferguson shares with her podcast listeners that she is "learning herself"

She really feels like she has learned a bit more about herself. And while Ferguson didn't think anyone really wanted to hear about her anymore during this podcast, I think it was interesting to listen to her talking about putting herself first.

Of course, talking about herself and what it means to learn more about being Sarah, it led to a discussion about being a grandmother as well. And a chat about pools, equipment, and even getting a castle shaped bucket!

Honestly, this was a great way to kick off the third episode of the Tea Talks podcast, and it left us wanting to learn more about Sarah Ferguson and who she is now.

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