Prince William celebrated his birthday with his children at the Taylor Swift concert

Taylor Swift's London stop of the Eras Tour brought out the royal family
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June 21 was not only Prince William's birthday, but it was also the first of three dates on Taylor Swift's London stop for her Eras Tour. And perhaps it comes as no surprise that the prince celebrated 42nd birthday with his children at Taylor's concert.

For us, the best part of this new is all the social media posts showcasing Prince William letting lose and having fun at the concert. If ever there was proof that he was a Swiftie, it would have to be the videos that have shown the prince dancing to "Shake It Off" alongside Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

But that wasn't the only proof of the Prince's birthday celebrations, as Kensington Palace shared a tweet featuring a backstage picture of Taylor Swift taking a selfie with Prince William, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte. In their tweet, they thanked Taylor for "a great evening." And over on Swift's X (formerly Twitter) account, she shared a similar picture, but this time Travis Kelce was in the mix and it was the actual selfie that was taken. Of course, this was her way of both wishing the prince a happy birthday and mentioning what a great start to her London stop it was.

And we love that Kensington Palace even retweeted Taylor Swift's post, as it really felt like a great way to show that Prince William not only had a great time, but that he is like a lot of us, and loves a good concert moment.

Of course, Prince William and the kids weren't the only royals in the crowd, as Sky News reports that his cousin Zara Tindall and her husband Mike Tindall were also in the audience. And as an added bonus, Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan was also at this stop of the Eras Tour

Unsurprisingly, it was a star studded affair for the first night in London, and we are loving all the posts being shared to social media. And we can't wait to see who else turns up in the audience as Taylor Swift once again takes the stage in London.

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