Duchess Meghan attends Taylor Swift concert while Prince Harry is in Japan

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It was a girls night out for Duchess Meghan while her husband Prince Harry attends a sports summit in Japan. On August 8, the duchess apparently enjoyed a Taylor Swift concert with one of her longtime friends.

According to HELLO! Magazine, it looks like there is another Swiftie in the world of the royal family (as Prince William actually sang alongside Swift in 2013 during a charity gala). And this time, it is the Duchess of Sussex. Taylor Swift is currently on her Eras tour and on August 8, the stop for her tour took her to Los Angeles and the So-Fi Stadium.

With Swift being in town and so many people attending every stop on the tour, it just makes sense that a wide range of celebrities are popping up at these concerts. So it really comes as no surprise that one of the celebrities in attendance was none other than Duchess Meghan.

Duchess Meghan had a girls night out at the Taylor Swift concert in Los Angeles

So who did the duchess attend the concert with? Apparently she took in the concert with her friend Lucy Fraser, a British publicist who has been friends with Duchess Meghan since before she even met Prince Harry. In fact, the two women often traveled together and Fraser would pop up on the duchess' social media account.

Seeing these two enjoying a concert together is a beautiful thing as it is a reminder of their longlasting friendship. And of course, it is nice to see the duchess doing things that we would all love to do, like enjoying a Taylor Swift concert.

With the North American leg of the Eras tour coming to a close on August 9, it makes sense that Duchess Meghan was in attendance on August 8. After all, it might be a while before Taylor Swift is back in town for another performance.

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