Prince Edward wore another fabulous tie for day 3 of Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot 2024 - Thursday
Royal Ascot 2024 - Thursday / Samir Hussein/GettyImages

It was another beautiful day at the Ascot Racecourse for day three of Royal Ascot. And while we are all about the women's fashion, there is something to be said for what the men bring to the table. Of course, the royal family is definitely at the forefront of those fashion looks.

On day two of Royal Ascot, Prince Edward made a fashion statement of his own by sticking with his tradition of wearing his yellow horse racing themed tie by the brand Soprano. As we pointed out in our coverage of the prince's day two look, this is a tie that he has been wearing to Royal Ascot every year since 2012.

While Prince Edward did not break out the Soprano tie for day three, we are just as obsessed with his latest tie choice as we were with his day two look. That is because the prince is sticking with the theme of horses and horse racing with the day three tie as well.

According to the fashion post from Remoulade Sauce, our British Royal Fashion go-to X (formerly Twitter) account), Prince Edward opted for a vintage equestrian printed tie from the brand Hermes. Th hot pink tie is 100 percent silk and features an all over horse riding print. Based on the image shared by the X account, the label on the back of the tie indicates that this is from 1992.

All things considered, we love that Prince Edward is sticking with the equestrian theme with his tie choices. And we also appreciate how he is opting for vibrant colors with those ties. Overall, it adds a little something extra to his look that has us doing a double take so that we aren't missing those smaller details.

We can't wait to see if Prince Edward makes another Royal Ascot appearance this year and if he will once again snag our attention with another whimsical tie choice. I know I am looking forward to whatever his next tie choice will be.

What do you think of Prince Edward's tie choices for Royal Ascot? Are you enjoying them as much as we are?

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