Prince Edward has apparently worn the same tie to Royal Ascot every year since 2012

Royal Ascot 2024 - Wednesday
Royal Ascot 2024 - Wednesday / Chris Jackson/GettyImages

There are some things that are just tradition. And while the royal family is certainly known for their traditions, some members of the royal family have their own unique little quirks that might be more than just a habit at this point. For Prince Edward, that might mean having a special tie that he seems to wear specifically for Royal Ascot.

On June 19, Prince Edward and Duchess Sophie not only celebrated 25 years of marriage, but they also decided to celebrate that anniversary milestone by taking in the races at Ascot Racecourse. So of course, we wanted to know what the couple was wearing, as they made a rather dashing duo in their Royal Ascot finery.

While Duchess Sophie wore a beautiful Daisy Gown by Suzannah London, it was actually Prince Edward that caught our eye. And yes, it was because of his tie. The tie in question is yellow with saddles and the jackets that jockeys wear all over it.

It turns out that the tie is a regular feature of the prince's wardrobe when it comes to Royal Ascot. According to the X (formerly Twitter) account known as Remoulade Sauce, the tie is actually "The Racing Colours and Saddles On Pastel Ground Country Silk Tie by Soprano," and it has been worn by Prince Edward to every Royal Ascot since 2012!

Honestly, we love everything about this fashion detail, from the tie itself to the fact that the prince has apparently been wearing it for 12 years to honor the races. The design is whimsical and fun and the fact that Prince Edward chooses to wear it to Royal Ascot every year feels like a tradition at this point. And it is one that we appreciate because it has that touch of whimsy that is hard to ignore.

Whether this is his lucky tie or just a favorite that he likes to wear in honor of the horses, this is a little tidbit about the prince that we find charming. And hopefully the tie will once again be spotted during his next appearance at Royal Ascot. At this point, we expect nothing less.

Did you recognize the prince's tie from previous years? Do you love the fact that Prince Edward seems to have a Royal Ascot tradition of his own?

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