New Doctor Who 60th Anniversary trailer has arrived

A brand new trailer for the trio of Doctor Who 60th Anniversary specials has arrived and Whovians everywhere are pretty excited.
The Doctor's Finest, From the episode Doctor Who: The End of Time, the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant).
The Doctor's Finest, From the episode Doctor Who: The End of Time, the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant). /

It's looking more and more like 2023 is going to be a pretty big one for Doctor Who fans all over the world. Of course, any television series, especially a science fiction series that is celebrating 60 years has a pretty good reason to celebrate. 

As every Whovian already knows, the anniversary festivities really kick off this November with the arrival of a trio of specials celebrating Doctor Who. The episodes see the return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate to the series and set up the debut of a brand new Doctor. 

As if that wasn't enough, the specials also mark the return of Russell T. Davies as showrunner to the series, which will delight many fans. Many feel his was one of the best runs on Doctor Who since the show returned and many of his episodes regularly rank among the best ever.

A brand new trailer has dropped for the 60th Anniversary Doctor Who specials.

Back in May the BBC revealed the titles for the three specials, which are "The Star Beast," "Wild Blue Yonder" and "The Giggle” but there was precious few other details that had been made public. That all changed however with the release of the new trailer.

The trailer gives fans their first clues as to what they can expect and it would appear that Donna Noble will be front and center for the action. Fans will no doubt remember that the Doctor had to wipe her memory of her time in the TARDIS in order to save her life. Now destiny apparently has other plans. 

Additionally it has been revealed that Neil Patrick Harris is playing the Toymaker, a character not seen on Doctor Who since his initial appearance in 1966's “The Celestial Toymaker.” For those that may not be familiar, the Toymaker is an all-powerful entity who enjoys nothing more than messing with the good Doctor. 

The trailer is full of action, suspense and lots of David Tennant, which should be more than enough to continue to get Whovians excited for when the specials arrive this November on Disney Plus. 

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