Titan Entertainment unveils the San Diego Comic Con merchandise featuring Doctor Who

- Doctor Who _ Season 13 - Photo Credit: James Pardon/BBC Studios/BBC America
- Doctor Who _ Season 13 - Photo Credit: James Pardon/BBC Studios/BBC America /

July is nearly here and that means that it is almost time for San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2023. That also means that companies are unveiling some of the merchandise that they will be offering at the convention. And this is includes items related to such programs as Doctor Who.

As fans of the long running science fiction series gear up to meet a brand new Doctor, we are also excited to see what merchandise will be dropping at SDCC 2023. And according to Comic Book, there are a few collectible pieces that fans of Doctor Who will want to get their hands on.

So what are some of the Doctor Who goodies that fans can grab at SDCC 2023 courtesy of Titan Entertainment?

Titan Entertainment reveals the Doctor Who merchandise they are dropping at San Diego Comic Con 2023

Thirteen Piece TARDIS Enamel Pin Collection: This is an extremely limited item, so if you love pins, you will want to snag this immediately. You will only be able to grab this collection from Titan Booth #5537, so if you want it, make sure you get to the booth ASAP. (It will be available starting on preview night, so it could sell out even before the convention officially kicks off.)

The pin collection comes in an amazing TARDIS case that opens up to reveal all your pins laid out for you. These are enamel pins that see the TARDIS decked out in different designs, including a classic blue police box and even covered in flowers. Basically, if you love pins and the TARDIS, this is a must have.

Doctor Who: Fourteenth Doctor 3″ Kawaii TITAN Vinyl Figure - Done in the Kawaii style, this figure is adorable. You can snag this at the same booth as the pin collection.

Doctor Who: Fourteenth Doctor 3″ Classic TITAN Vinyl Figure - This more classic figurine is a perfect foil to the Kawaii vinyl. Honestly, if you get one, it feels like you need them both. Also available at the Titan Booth.

Both of the vinyl figures are available on their own and in a set. Personally, we would snag the set.

What do you think fellow Doctor Who fans? Are you a fan of snagging exclusive merchandise like this? Would you prefer the pins or the vinyl figures?

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