Krispy Kreme brings Friends donuts to the UK

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Sure, your friends are there for you, but are they as dependable as the deliciousness that is donuts? Just asking the important questions. And what better place to get donuts than Krispy Kreme?! Well, the donut chain is combining everyone's favorite friends TV show from the 90s and their delicious donuts for the ultimate pop culture collab.

Krispy Kreme's latest addition to their menu in the UK (sorry, fellow Americans) is their new Friends-themed donuts. The new donuts became available on Monday, June 17, 2024. There are four flavors that Chandler and Joey would love.

First is the Trifle Friends donut. It's a strawberry and custard-filled donut with white icing and topped with chocolate curls and green sprinkles. YUM! Next is the We Were On A Coffee Break donut. It's a regular Krispy Kreme donut but covered in a caffe latte glaze, topped with a chocolate swirl, frosting, and a white chocolate Central Perk topper.

Next up is the How You Doin? donut. This Joey Tribbiani-inspired donut is dipped in purple icing and topped with a mango and passionfruit frosting in the shape of the classic frame on Rachel and Monica's apartment door.

Krispy Kreme brings Friends-themed donuts to their stores in the UK

Finally, you'll want to check out the FRIENDS donut. It features the classic glazed donut and is finished with chocolate icing, sprinkles, and a white chocolate topper that says the name of the show

These all sound delicious, but have me wondering...why don't we get these amazing flavors in the states?? Mango and passionfruit?? Custard and strawberry in one donut?! Krispy Kreme has been holding out on us!

I would not be surprised if we see a Friends collection come to Krispy Kreme in the US, but there is no way they are making these flavors here. We'll probably be stuck with red velvet and birthday cake. But fingers crossed. These would make the perfect snack for when you're binge-watching the show for the 50th time, judging Ross, and telling Rachel that she can do way better. Whether you share them with your friends while watching is up to you.

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