King Charles' schedule is the reason that Prince Harry won't get to see his father

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When news broke that King Charles had cancer, Prince Harry hopped on a plane and flew to the UK for what amounted to a 30 minute chat with his father. And even then, the prince was clearly just happy that he was able to meet with his dad in person following such a devastating blow. So it makes no sense that people are seemingly pointing to Prince Harry as the reason why he and his father will not be able to connect while he is in the UK during the week of May 7.

It absolutely makes sense that it is King Charles' own schedule that is the issue here, as the king has returned to public duties following a few months of treatment and essentially sticking to working from home. On May 8 alone, the same day as Prince Harry is set to attend the Invictus event at St Paul's Cathedral in London, King Charles is expected to attend one of the first official Garden Parties of the season at Buckingham Palace.

With both Prince Harry and King Charles having plans for this week, it makes sense that it might have been a challenge to try to find time to visit with each other. And as the BBC reports, the king has a "full programme" in store for him at the same time as Prince Harry is in town. A representative for the Duke of Sussex issued a statement from the prince that states, "The duke of course is understanding of his father's diary of commitments and various other priorities and hopes to see him soon."

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Obviously if the king wanted, he could likely find time for his son. But at the same time, not only does he have responsibilities as the king, but also as a man dealing with treatment for cancer. Considering he can only attend the Buckingham Palace garden parties dependent on medical clearance, and with plans in place to accommodate whatever the doctors suggest, it makes sense that King Charles might not have as much time in his calendar as others might like.

Plus, we don't know exactly when Prince Harry is leaving the UK, so that could also have caused limitations in being able to visit with each other. Considering the prince has another trip in the works, this time to Nigeria, it makes perfect sense that he might not have the time to stick around the UK waiting for the possibility that his father might have time for him.

There is a lot of drama and anger on the internet, with plenty of people spewing their hate for Prince Harry, but in some cases taking the emotion out of things and considering things logically can make a major difference in how we look at a situation. And for me, this is a situation of schedules just not aligning, which can happen to anyone.

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