Multiple Garden Parties will be held at Buckingham Palace over the next month

King Charles III Hosts Coronation Garden Party At Buckingham Palace
King Charles III Hosts Coronation Garden Party At Buckingham Palace / WPA Pool/GettyImages

The annual garden parties are back at Buckingham Palace. And most of them will be held at Buckingham Palace in May. While King Charles is still undergoing treatment for his cancer, we will likely see other members of the royal family stepping in for him. However, the palace has shared that if the king is up to it, he will make appearances at the garden parties, although his attendance will end up being announced the day of, based on how he is feeling.

Confirmed garden parties at Buckingham Palace include traditional parties on May 8 and May 21, while there will also be a special party scheduled on May 15 that will honor "the British arts and creative industries." According to a report shared by The Telegraph, "The King has given permission for some 4,000 representatives from culture, art, heritage, film, TV, radio and fashion, to be hosted at the palace."

The May 15 party sounds like it will be a rather special experience for attendees, although it doesn't sound like this is an event that the king will be attending, unless he is medically cleared since there will be so many people in attendance. Buckingham Palace did explain that King Charles is hoping to at least attend the very first garden party of the season, but he will only do so if he is medically advised that he can.

In preparation for the garden parties in 2024, it seems that palace aids are working on plans to safely allow the king a chance to be a part of the annual festivities. Plans include allowing him to actually interact with the crowds or just having him attend from a distance with him making a brief appearance for the national anthem.

Another traditional garden party, which will take place away from Buckingham Palace at Palace of Holyroodhouse, is planned for July 2. This is another event that may see the king making an appearance depending on his health.

And we can expect other members of the royal family to also host garden parties this year, with Princess Anne once again be hosting the "Not Forgotten Association’s annual garden party at the palace on May 17." She is not the only royal who will be hosting garden parties this year, as the Duke of Kent has also been given permission from the king to host a garden party. And even Prince Edward will be hosting a garden party or two over the next month.

It will be interesting to see what happens with all of the garden parties planned for the next month and beyond, especially as we wait to see if the king is able to attend all of the parties he typically hosts.

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