King Charles is such a big fan of eggs that it is actually part of The Crown

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If you are a fan of the royal family, or even someone who is fascinated by the royals, you might already know that there are certain rules that the family abides by when it comes to their food choices. There are also certain items that different members of the royal family prefer and enjoy repeatedly. For King Charles, there is one food choice that is so prevalent that it was actually included in The Crown.

For fans of King Charles, you probably already know that he is a big fan of eggs. In fact, there was once a rumor that he would choose between seven hardboiled eggs at every meal. While the king himself is the one who debunked that myth about his love of eggs, that doesn't mean that he doesn't enjoy plenty of eggs every week.

According to Showbiz CheatSheet, one of the royal chefs revealed that King Charles will eat a "boiled egg at every meal." Considering he and Queen Camilla are apparently "avid poultry enthusiasts," and even have their own flock at their estate in Gloucestershire, it actually makes perfect sense for him to be an egg aficionado.

King Charles enjoys an egg at every meal

We have even written about the way the king enjoys his salads, which includes the addition of a coddled egg. However, we are actually quite fascinated by the fact that his appreciation for eggs actually became immortalized in the drama series, The Crown.

In fact, there is a scene during The Crown where the then Prince Charles and Princess Diana are talking about their divorce and he apparently mentions his appreciation for scrambled eggs. We highly doubt this conversation took place or at the very least the dialogue on the series is dramatized, but we definitely like the fact that the writers took the time to include his appreciation for eggs in that moment.

And yes, we have to point out that even the official recipe shared for his coronation heavily featured eggs, since it was a quiche! If you are also a fan of eggs and King Charles, you can even make the king's quiche for yourself.

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