Have you watched Churchill's Secret on PBS?

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Are you looking for a period piece to enjoy for your next movie night? Are you a fan of Masterpiece on PBS? Then we have the perfect movie choice for you!

In 2016, PBS released a film adaptation of the book, The Churchill Secret by Jonathan Smith. The film was called Churchill's Secret and starred Michael Gambon as Sir Winston Churchill, Matthew Macfadyen as Randolph, Romola Garai as Nurse Appleyard, and Lindsay Duncan as Clementine Churchill, to name a few. It was an interesting look into a short period of time in the life of a very fascinating man.

The premise of Churchill's Secret follows the summer of 1953 and the stroke that Churchill suffered at a dinner party. The people closest to him are hiding the fact that he has suffered this serious health issue and are doing what they can to help him get back into better health, all while protecting him from his political foes.

Churchill's Secret on PBS gives us a look at a short period of time in this iconic man's life

According to the PBS Masterpiece page for the film, Churchill's Secret is "Set during the summer of 1953, Churchill’s Secret tells a little-known part of Winston Churchill’s great life story. Having suffered a life-threatening stroke, which his inner circle conspired to hide from the public, the film charts the course of Churchill’s (played by Cranford’s Michael Gambon) remarkable recovery with the help of his spirited nurse (Emma’s Romola Garai)."

The entire story is told from the perspectives of those around Winston Churchill including his children, his wife, and even the men he worked closely with. This film is all about his recovery and how he gets back into fighting shape in order to once again become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

If you are a fan of history, this is definitely a solid watch. And this is a great opportunity to learn more about the life of Churchill.

Honestly, the entire Masterpiece collection on PBS is worth watching, especially for fans of history and period pieces. And in this case, this is a chance to potentially learn more about an iconic figure who helped shape the future of the U.K. and perhaps even the world.

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