Duchess Meghan sent out American Riviera Orchard products to friends

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Duchess Meghan’s new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, has not yet officially launched. However, that has not stopped the Duchess from sending out a preview of the brand to a selection of her friends.

According to Us Weekly, on April 15 a few of the duchess’ friends posted to social media about what they received from their friend. In the case of Tracy Robbins, a fashion designer, she shared to her Instagram story a thank you for a basket that she received from Duchess Meghan. In that post, she shared a picture of the basket which was filled with a number of lemons and a beautiful jar of jam. And based on the label, she had received jar number 17 out of 50.

With Robbins getting a jar labeled 17 out of 50, we have to assume that there were probably 50 jars of jam made. And we would not be surprised if all 50 of them were sent out. We just don’t know who all got them, except for a few people who have shared thank you posts to social media.

American Riviera Orchard gets a soft launch with gifts sent to Duchess Meghan’s friends

Another famous friend who also received one of the baskets featuring the jar of jam was Delfina Blaquier. Delfina is of course the wife of Prince Harry’s good friend, Nacho Figueras. She also shared to her Instagram story, with a message that said “strawberry jam makes me happy. And I [love] your jam.”

These gifts to her friends are the first time that we have seen any real activity related to American Riviera Orchard from the Duchess since she announced her new lifestyle brand in March. Of course, there has been some indication that the upcoming lifestyle series with Netflix will have a tie-in to the brand as well. Either way, it is exciting to see movement on the brand, even if that is just gifts being sent to her friends featuring the logo for the brand.

It will be interesting to see if the initial launch of American Riviera Orchard to the public actually features the strawberry jam that was sent to her friends. While a jar of strawberry jam may seem very simple, some of the best things in life are. And you can never go wrong with a jar of strawberry jam.

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