Duchess Meghan sent new American Riviera Orchard treats to Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras


Duchess Meghan has apparently added some new goodies to the upcoming American Riviera Orchard lineup. Or at least, that is the take away for some based on a recent social media post from Prince Harry's friend, Ignacio "Nacho" Figueras.

On June 14, Figueras took to his Instagram stories to share a few pictures, including a jar of raspberry preserves labeled 2 of 2 from American Riviera Orchard, as well as a jar that said dog biscuits in a cursive script similar to that of the raspberry jar. According to Us Weekly, many "eagle eyed watchers" seem to think that the dog treats will be part of the American Riviera Orchard collection because they believe that the handwriting is the same.

While the dog treats don't have the same, official label of the Raspberry preserves, that doesn't mean that Duchess Meghan's brand might not offer these dog biscuits in the future. At this point, it looks like this was specifically a gift for Nacho Figueras as a friend of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, and a fellow dog owner.

Duchess Meghan gets social media buzzing after sending an American Riviera Orchard gift to Nacho Figueras

Of course, the fact that Figueras shared his gift to social media the day before Trooping the Colour has definitely upset some royal fans, as they are placing the blame squarely on the duchess for trying to steal the spotlight from the royal family. Some of the social media posts against Duchess Meghan were quite vicious, with some saying that it was her attempt to get attention or calling her "pathetic."

However, we have to point out that there has not been a single official post from the American Riviera Orchard brand since the creation of their Instagram account. And their website has nothing listed for sale yet. Instead, there is simply a place for people to sign up for news as to when the site will officially launch.

It is not surprising that anything Duchess Meghan does will be scrutinized, but this is just wrong. She sent a gift to a friend and that friend shared it to social media. The fact that people are now attacking the duchess over a gift is pretty sad, because they are making her sound like some Disney villain out to steal the spotlight from others. The fact that nothing was officially shared should be all the proof needed that this was not done as some diabolical plot.

While we are looking forward to things moving forward with the American Riviera Orchard brand, we hope it either happens on a really slow royal news day or when so much is happening that she gets lost in the shuffle. And hopefully Duchess Meghan really does add dog treats to the lineup, because although we enjoy a good jam or preserve, we really are all about spoiling our pets.

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