These are the 11 best British shows to watch on Max

In need of a new British show to binge? Max has a great collection for you.

The Doctor ((Ncuti Gatwa) in the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023.
The Doctor ((Ncuti Gatwa) in the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023. /

The amount of iconic British shows over the years is truly countless, with classic sitcoms like Only Fools and Horses taking over families' television sets, angsty teen series such as Skins totally engrossing adolescent viewers, and more recent titles like Bridgerton and The Crown raking up serious streaming views. Needless to say, British TV is an absolute staple for general audiences, whether or not the viewer even knows it's a British production or not.

Unfortunately, we're still waiting for HBO's streaming service Max to become available in the UK, though it's accessible in the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean. It's expected that the streamer will be added to select European locations in May, with France and Belgium later in the year. If you're lucky enough to have Max in your area, you might be in need of a new show to get into. The platform does not have any hubs for British TV, so we've done the work for you! Here are the 11 best British shows on Max.

Photo : Copyright © Simon Ridgway, 2021 - - - 07973 442527 | Caption : 01.10.21 - Industry S2, Block 3, Day 5. sc.5/39 - PIERPOINT - LIFT : HARPER and DVD in lift, it stops at PP services and ERIC gets on. HARPER can’t make eye contact. /


  • Premiere Year: 2020
  • Created by: Mickey Down and Konrad Kay
  • Seasons: 2
  • Watch on Max

Created by Mickey Down and Konrad Kay, Industry is similar to Succession, but this time following recent graduates as they compete for spots at a big investment bank in London, England. The drama follows protagonist Harper Stern, played by Myha'la Herrold, a New Yorker who works hard to prove herself in the fast-paced and always-changing environment. As she learns about the cutthroat world she's entered, she struggles to navigate her new normal.

After two successful seasons, Industry will return for a third installment, expected to premiere on HBO, Max, and BBC One sometime this year.

The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) in Doctor Who. /

Doctor Who (Relaunch)

  • Premiere Year: Original series: 1963, Relaunch: 2005
  • Original created by: Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, and Donald Wilson, Relaunch by: Russell T Davies
  • Seasons: All 13 seasons of the relaunch are available on Max
  • Watch on Max

The longest-running sci-fi TV show in history, Doctor Who is one to watch if you haven't tried it already. The quirky, heartfelt, and fun adventure follows an extraterrestrial being nicknamed the Doctor, who uses their ship the TARDIS to time travel throughout history. Along the way, the Doctor makes new friends and foes, tackles world issues, and most importantly, learns about humanity.

Since the very first season of the original series, there have been 15 different Doctors, played by a variety of different actors. In 2017, Jodie Whittaker became the first woman to be cast in the role. The quality of the show varies by season, but overall, Doctor Who is an absolute staple that all ages can enjoy. The show has seen multiple spinoffs, with Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures also streaming on Max.

The Doctor is currently played by Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education, Barbie), with a new season debuting this May!

His Dark Materials season 3. Image courtesy HBO /

His Dark Materials

  • Premiere Year: 2019
  • Written by: Jack Thorne
  • Seasons: 3
  • Watch on Max

Based on the best-selling and award-winning book series of the same name by Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials, is one of the most popular fantasy series streaming on Max. Set in a parallel universe, the fantasy drama follows a time in which all humans have spirit animal companions. Trouble begins when protagonist Kyra, played by Dafne Keen, has a friend who goes missing which leads her to uncover dark secrets. His Dark Materials features a long list of characters, including witches, creatures, and spirits.

After three seasons, His Dark Materials came to a close in 2022. With 23 episodes total, the show is a gripping watch you could totally binge within a week.

I May Destroy You - Courtesy of HBO /

I May Destroy You

  • Premiere Year: 2020
  • Created by: Michaela Coel
  • Seasons: 1
  • Watch on Max

I May Destroy You is one of the best shows streaming on Max, created, written, co-directed by, and starring the wonderful Michaela Coel. The heavy dramedy follows a writer living in London, who goes out drinking with friends one night while procrastinating on a deadline. Blurry on what happened the night prior, she wakes up the next day feeling like something bad happened, though she can't place what yet. With the help of her friends, she retraces her steps that night and realizes the trauma she faced.

I May Destroy You leaves you feeling all the emotions as protagonist Arabella processes this monumental moment in her life. It's incredibly sad at times, but also humorous, and overall a thought-provoking watch that might have you thinking differently about emotions and the human experience. As a limited series, there's only one season of the show, which I can't recommend enough.


  • Premiere Year: 2017
  • Developed by: Kit Harington and Daniel West
  • Seasons: 1
  • Watch on Max

Looking for a historical drama to watch? What about one that stars Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington? You'll want to check out Gunpowder then. As the title might suggest, the three-part miniseries follows the real-life Gunpowder Plot which took place in 1605. The plot, which ended in the failed assassination attempt of King James I, his family, and the Parliament, was organized by a group of people who wanted to restore Catholic rule in England. Harington portrays Robert Catesby, the lead conspirator in the plot.

Interestingly enough, Harington is actually a direct descendant of Catesby, making the casting all the more fitting.

With just three episodes, Gunpowder is a quick and engaging series that'll teach you about a crucial time in English history if you weren't already familiar with it.

Photo : Copyright © Simon Ridgway 2022 - - - 07973 442527 | Caption : 30.05.22 - Rain Dogs, Block 2 Day 29. Sc.6/8, 6/9 - INT. REFUGE : SERENA wants a world. COSTELLO sends IRIS off to do her homework. SERENA tells COSTELLO she and IRIS are getting a flat of their own… in Thanet! /

Rain Dogs

  • Premiere Year: 2023
  • Created by: Cash Carraway
  • Seasons: 1
  • Watch on Max

One of the newer additions on this list is Rain Dogs, a dramedy that generated critical acclaim when it debuted in 2023. The series follows the relationship between a single mother named Costello and her young daughter, Iris, who are struggling to make ends meet. Committed to creating a better life for them, Costello takes on odd jobs while finding support in her close friends Selby and Gloria.

Rain Dogs is a charming and thought-provoking look at an unconventional family with great performances, particularly from Daisy May Cooper as Costello. At the time of this writing, a second season has not been announced, but fans are crossing their fingers.

I Hate Suzie Too
The series sees the return of child star turned actress Suzie Pickles, (Billie Piper). Suzie has a new agent, new PR and a new job – dancing for likes on ‘Dance Crazee’, a reality TV competition that has the audience hooked. Having lost everyone that matters to her, Suzie returns to her first love – the public.   In this three-part anti-Christmas, Christmas special, Suzie fights to regain the love of the British public whilst her personal life spirals out of control. Will she win their hearts / /

I Hate Suzie

  • Premiere Year: 2020
  • Created by: Lucy Prebble and Billie Piper
  • Seasons: 2
  • Watch on Max

Another quick watch on the list of best British shows on Max is I Hate Suzie, a dark comedy that's seriously underrated. Though it received positive reviews from critics, I just never hear people talk about this one! The show follows a former child actress named Suzie whose phone gets hacked, revealing sexual photos to the world. Throughout the episodes, we watch Suzie navigate her career, friendships, and her family, through humorous and relatable situations.

I Hate Suzie returned for a three-part second-season Christmas special, dubbed I Hate Suzie Too, in 2022. I'd love to see what could be next for the titular character in a potential third season, but it looks like the show might be over. In a statement to Bustle, Sky confirmed there are "no plans" to continue the show. But just because the series might be over now doesn't mean it's not worth the watch!

Years and Years

  • Premiere Year: 2019
  • Created by: Russell T Davies
  • Seasons: 1
  • Watch on Max

The six-part series Years and Years is like nothing you've seen before. Following the Lyons family, the sci-fi drama spans 15 years, starting in 2019 and continuing into the future. Exploring the social and political issues that impact the Lyons, Years and Years is a thought-provoking and incredibly creative look at where humanity might go, while also touching on relatable relationship struggles and personal ups and downs we all face.

In addition to its gripping storyline, Years and Years features a fantastic ensemble cast, including Emma Thompson, Rory Kinnear, T'Nia Miller, Russell Tovey, Jessica Hynes, Ruth Madeley, and Anne Reid. Similar to some of the other titles on this list, this is a miniseries and only has one season.

The Third Day /

The Third Day

  • Premiere Year: 2020
  • Created by: Felix Barrett and Dennis Kelly
  • Seasons: 1
  • Watch on Max

While on the theme of unique, strange, and thought-provoking series, The Third Day on Max is another favorite of mine that I consider underrated. It's not perfect by any means, but it's incredibly ambitious and entertaining, and caught my attention as soon as I turned on the first episode. The twisty show is divided into three parts, "Summer," "Autumn," and "Winter," in which we get to know different characters and storylines.

A man named Sam, played by Jude Law, and a woman named Jess, played by Katherine Waterson, arrive on a mysterious island and begin to uncover dark secrets. Incorporating elements of spirituality and fantasy, The Third Day is completely unpredictable and very, very interesting. The series didn't really receive positive reactions from general viewers, so it might not be for you. But if you're looking for something mind-bending, I'd recommend at least trying it.

Starstruck /


  • Premiere Year: 2021
  • Created by: Rose Matafeo
  • Seasons: 3
  • Watch on Max

Romantic comedy Starstruck is a great option for anyone looking for laughs. Created by and starring Rose Matafeo, the series follows a young woman named Jessie from New Zealand living in London working multiple jobs to make ends meet. At the start of the series, Jessie has a one-night stand with a movie star on New Year's Eve, which, to her surprise, turns into something more serious.

Starstruck chronicles Jessie and Tom Kapoor's relationship through ups and downs, including breakups, new relationships, and reconciliations. The show is a super fun and original take on the rom-com genre that'll have you laughing out loud and thinking about love in a new light. In just two years, Starstruck released three seasons, all very much worth watching.

The Sarah Jane Adventures

  • Premiere Year: 2007
  • Created by: Russell T Davies
  • Seasons: 5
  • Watch on Max

Looking for more family-friendly shows similar to Doctor Who? As mentioned earlier, two Doctor Who spinoffs are available to stream on Max right now, and we'd especially recommend The Sarah Jane Adventures. Similar to the original series, this one is exciting, charming, and educational. Actress Elisabeth Sladen reprises her role as the titular character, one of Doctor Who's companions. As a leading lady, Sarah Jane is incredibly intelligent, fun, and overall, a great role model for younger audiences.

Sarah Jane is a journalist who faces alien and other monstrous threats while living in London, finding help in younger characters who join her in her many adventures. Though this spinoff is aimed at a slightly younger audience than Doctor Who, it's great for the whole family to enjoy.

It's a Sin

  • Premiere Year: 2021
  • Created by: Russell T Davies
  • Seasons: 1
  • Watch on Max

Last but not least, another fantastic British show currently streaming on Max is It's a Sin, taking place during the HIV/AIDS crisis. The series features an ensemble cast, including Olly Alexander, Nathaniel Curtis, David Carlyle, Shaun Dooley, Neil Patrick Harris, Stephen Fry, and others. Following a group of gay men who move to London in the early '80s, the series spans a decade as the characters navigate relationships, finding their identities, and the ongoing threat of HIV.

It's a Sin received positive reviews for tackling such a sensitive yet significant time in history with sensitivity and accuracy. The cast gives great performances and with just five episodes, it's a show you can watch in a weekend. As a miniseries, there are no plans for a second season, but the show ends on a complete note.

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