Anikka Season 2: What to know ahead of Season 2 premiere on October 15

Premieres on PBS Passport & the PBS MASTERPIECE Prime Video Channel on
MASTERPIECE “Annika” Premieres on PBS Passport & the PBS MASTERPIECE Prime Video Channel on /

One of the best things about PBS is Masterpiece (sometimes referred to as Masterpiece Theater). It is a chance to watch a variety of popular British drama series. And one such series is Annika.

With Annika returning to Masterpiece for its second season on October 15, we are doing a quick look at the series both for returning fans and anyone who has yet to dive into the drama.

First up, let's talk about the star of the series, Nicola Walker who plays the titular character of Annika. For fans of other Masterpiece programming, you may recognize Walker for her work on the series Unforgotten. Obviously, with the series being about this particular character and her work and life, it makes sense that she is back in action for Season 2.

Who else will be back? DC Blair Ferguson played by Katie Leung, DS Michael McAndrews played by Jamie Sives, and DS Tyrone Clarke played by Ukweli Roach are all back, as is Silvie Furneaux, who plays Annika's daughter Morgan. Joining the cast we have Sven Henriksen, who is set to play the father of our main character and Varada Sethu, who will play a new member of the Marine Homicide Unit.

Annika returns for season 2 on PBS as of October 15

Beyond Nicola Walker and the cast, what else do we need to know about the new season? Once again, Annika and her team will be working together to solve murders that find their way to the Scottish shores, all while she does her best to be the mother of a teen girl. And there will certainly be more drama, as well as romance, as Annika's love interest is set to return for the second season as well.

One of the things I enjoy about the series is the way the story is told and how Walker breaks the fourth wall at times, drawing us into the murder investigations by sharing her thoughts on the crimes and what she thinks about what she is seeing. It is in a lot of ways a rather unique approach to a police procedural drama series.

In Season 2, we are expecting to see a deeper dive into Annika's life, in particular her love life, and according to previews, it also seems as if there are some secrets that may be surfacing, whether in Annika's personal or professional life.

For anyone who has not yet watched the first season, you can watch it in full right now via the PBS app or on the PBS Masterpiece Channel which is available through Amazon Prime Video (I believe this is an additional fee for Prime members). You can also find the first season on Vudu.

And for Season 2, it will air at 10 P.M. on PBS starting on October 15, 2023. You can also watch anytime after the episode airs on the PBS app.

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