Sanjeev Bhaskar talks about return for Paddington 3 in recent interview for Unforgotten Season 5

Paddington's Fundraiser For Refugee Children In Support Of UNICEF
Paddington's Fundraiser For Refugee Children In Support Of UNICEF / Dave Benett/GettyImages

For fans of Masterpiece on PBS, you may recognize Sanjeev Bhaskar from his work on the series Unforgotten. However, the actor has also been seen in such projects as The Kumars at No. 42, Yesterday, Mumbai Calling, and of course, Paddington 2. Considering Unforgotten's fifth season run just concluded on PBS, it makes sense that Bhaskar is talking about the series and some of his other work as well.

During an interview to chat about Season 5 of Unforgotten, Sanjeev Bhaskar was asked about Paddington and a teaser that he had apparently shared to his Instagram account. In the post on his Instagram feed, we see him standing in front of a small sign that reads "Marmalade Films 14. Dr Jafri," and it featured a short but sweet caption that let us know that he was hanging out with a very special bear. And considering how much we love Paddington, this is some exciting news because it means that the next film will be here sooner than we expected.

While answering the question/inquiry about Paddington, Bhaskar shared his excitement over being called back for the third film and what it was like being back on set for the new movie.

Sanjeev Bhaskar talks about returning for even a small scene in Paddington 3

The actor explained,

"I was on set on the latest Paddington movie—very briefly, and I didn’t expect to be involved at all, so when the call came in to say, “Would you do this one scene?” I said, “Yeah, you had me at Pad!” The second Paddington was just a joy to do, and for me, it’s still a joy to watch, actually. I think it’s a fabulous movie, one of those where the balance between the comedy, the sentimentality, and what it’s saying about the outsider, is fantastic. It’s incredibly delicate, actually. But it was really strange yesterday because some of the other people who played the neighbors, we were all doing the scene in the neighborhood, all in the same kind of outfits that we’d had before, and I said, “This is like I fell asleep on set and woke up and we’re still on set.” It was absolutely lovely to do…and I hope we stay in the edit!"

Sanjeev Bhaskar

Honestly, we love the pure love and excitment that the actor has for the project and his work. And it is clear that he has not only enjoyed his work on Paddington, but also the fact that he was invited back, even if it is for a very short scene.

We really hope that this scene does make it into the final cut of the movie. And it definitely seems as if Sanjeev Bhaskar is on the same page as us.

Are you a fan of Unforgotten? Are you a Paddington fan? Are you excited for the third Paddington movie?

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