5 things you may not have known about Luke Newton

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If you are anything like us, you are a bit obsessed with Bridgerton. And when it comes to the actors who bring these characters to life, we are all about learning more about them outside of the show. As we head into Season 3 of Bridgerton, the people we are the most curious about are Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton.

Recently, Newton did an interview with InStyle that gave us some reminders of who the actor is outside of Bridgerton and it made us think about some of those tidbits that maybe not everyone knows. That's why we decided to pull together five facts about the actor that we may not have known or that we knew but had forgotten.

So here are five facts about Luke Newton that you may not have known.

Luke Newton
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5 interesting facts about Luke Newton from Bridgerton

Luke Newton is a fan of basketball

It turns out that Luke is a basketball fan and would play it with friends when he was younger. And when he visits the U.S., he is known to attend NBA games, although we aren't sure which team he is rooting for when he is in the states.

He has Dyslexia and ADHD

We love Colin Bridgerton and since Luke Newton is the man that has brought this character to life, we love him too. But what we didn't know was that the actor has some challenges when it comes to bringing Colin to life. That is because he has been diagnosed with both ADHD and dyslexia. While he has not let this stop him from pursuing his acting career, he has previously admitted that reading his scripts can be a "nightmare." But as we get into the season where Luke is the lead, it sounds like he may have finally found "coping mechanisms" that have made things easier for him.

Speaking to Refinery29 about Season 3 of Bridgerton, Luke Newton shared his thoughts on the script and the difference between his first season and now in terms of his dyslexia.

"With the scripts and the way that the show's written, it's written in such a specific way that once you tap into that, it kind of flows. I genuinely think halfway through Season Three, someone could have given me a script on the day and I would have learned it."

Luke Newton

Luke Newton is a dog person

It turns out that Luke is a dog person, even going so far as to say that he is a "bit intimidated by cats." However, when it comes to dogs he loves them all. Now we just need pictures of him with dogs and we will be complete!

He once starred in a Disney Channel series in the UK

In the UK, a series called The Lodge ran for two seasons on the Disney Channel. And it turns out that Luke Newton starred in the series. It was a musical drama that saw Luke playing the character of Ben for both seasons of the series. Unfortunately, in the U.S., the second season never aired and much of the ratings for the show came from American viewers watching Season 1.

Luke Newton is reading the book series Bridgerton is based on

It turns out that Luke Newton has been reading the book series by Julia Quinn that the Bridgerton series is based on. However, he is reading them before the seasons that correspond to the books. During his InStyle interview he admitted that he learned about the Whistledown reveal from Nicola Coughlan and he didn't know that yet because, " he only reads each book before the corresponding season, so as to not inform his interpretation too much."

Honestly, we just love the fact that he is taking the time to read the books that the series is based on. It just adds something special to the fact that he has embodied Colin Bridgerton for the last two seasons and wants to keep going even after his season comes to an end.

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