5 British sweet treats that should be popular in the US

Cadbury's Celebrates 200 Year Milestone
Cadbury's Celebrates 200 Year Milestone / Matt Cardy/GettyImages

In the US (or the States), we have a lot of great candy and desserts. Cupcakes, pies, donuts, pastries, we have pretty much a pick of whatever, but there are a few items from the UK that have remained elusive for whatever reason. Some have been tried here and just not taken off, while others just haven't ever made it to our shores (unless you have a friend in the UK). Let's take a look at some of the best UK treats we wish would make it to America.

Chocolate Orange Brownie

This is a fairly new addition to the UK. It's the Paddington Orange Chocolate Brownie. It is exactly what it sounds like. It's a chocolate brownie filled with what looks like orange jelly or marmalade. As chocolate and orange are one of the best pairings of all time (sorry, peanut butter), this is one I hope and pray makes it the US. Who doesn't want a package of brownies with Paddington on it??

Victoria Sponge

Ok, this is a personal one. Every time they make a Victoria sponge (or Victoria sandwich) on the Great British Baking Show, it looks like the perfect cake. I always want it. Sure, I could make it, but come on food companies, give me a pre-made version of this. It's not that difficult. It's a sponge cake with jelly and cream in the middle. It can't get easier than that (or more tasty!).

Kraft Agree A Takeover Deal For Cadburys
Kraft Agree A Takeover Deal For Cadburys / Matt Cardy/GettyImages

Cadbury Chocolate

One of the less great things about living in America (beyond...,well, you know) is that our Cadbury chocolate is not made the same way as it is in the UK (I don't care what Hershey says!). I want that chocolate! It has less preservatives, more chocolate, and more fat. Yes, please. Maybe I'd actually like a Cadbury egg if they were actually made with more chocolate.

Which UK sweet treats do you wish would come to the US?

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Jaffa Cakes

Jaffa Cakes are a classic British snack. When you ask people to name a British food, chances are you're going to get this as an answer at least a few times. If you don't know, the Jaffa cake includes a Genoise sponge layer, a layer of orange-flavored jam, and a coating of chocolate. What could possibly be bad about that? These have been in the UK since the 1920s. How have they never crossed the pond?

Mighty Fine Honeycomb Bar

Why has not one of the many major candy makers in the US made a honeycomb bar of some kind? This needs to be remedied immediately. Honeycomb is crunchy, sweet, airy, and delicious. For an easy solution to the travesty of no honeycomb in the US, why not just import the Mighty Fine Honeycomb Bar? It's honeycomb and chocolate...again...what could be bad?! I'm drooling just thinking about it.

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