Will we see Will Poulter in Season 3 of The Bear?

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The Bear has become a bit of a cultural phenomenon since it premiered on FX on Hulu in June of 2022. And during the second season, we were treated to a plethora of guest stars, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Olivia Colman, and of course Will Poulter.

Poulter, who guest starred in the episode "Honeydew," played a pastry chef named Luca, who worked with Marcus during a stay in Copenhagen. It was a chance to learn a bit more about the world that Carmy exists in as a chef, while also giving Marcus a new experience to expand his knowledge of desserts.

The thing about these guest starring roles is that in some cases, we really didn't get nearly enough of these characters. And this is especially true when it comes to Will Poulter and his character.

However, a new fan video seems to indicate that we will get to see more of Will Poulter on The Bear. But will it actually happen and could we see him make another guest star appearance on Season 3?

New fan video shows Will Poulter on the set of The Bear

According to Collider, a video posted to social media by an X (formerly Twitter) account with the name Will Poulter Updates (@bestofPoulter) shared a video of people working on the set of The Bear with the caption, "Will Poulter on the set of ‘The Bear’ Season 3 yesterday!"

While it is a bit hard to see, the actor can be seen standing around chatting with some other people, including what looks to be the actress who plays Claire (Molly Gordon). And if that isn't a hint that Poulter will be making a return appearance on The Bear, we don't know what does. At this point, we don't know when we will see Will Poulter or even if we really will, but this video is definitely promising.

It will definitely be interesting to see how they bring the character to "Chicago" after his stint in Copenhagen. Plus, we can't wait to see how he interacts with Carmy and Marcus on their home turf.

We are definitely big fans of Will Poulter, so having him back on The Bear is something we are excited for, especially as we head into a new season with the restaurant actually open and operating.

What do you think of this possible news? Are you excited for more of Will Poulter on The Bear? What do you think we will see from his return?