What song does Prince William start his week with?

The Prince Of Wales Attends The Lord High Admiral's Divisions
The Prince Of Wales Attends The Lord High Admiral's Divisions / Chris Jackson/GettyImages

There are a lot of things that we learn about members of the royal family. From finding out their favorite foods and how they take their tea, to even what they enjoy in terms of entertainment, we are always fascinated by the tiny details that make the royals more relatable. But the latest tidbit about a member of the royal family has to do with the future king himself, Prince William.

According to US Weekly, the new book about King Charles, which is set to arrive later this month, The Making of a King: King Charles III and the Modern Monarchy, actually talked about an interesting quirk that Prince William has to start his week. In the past, the prince has shared his appreciation for the Australian rock group, AC/DC, and their iconic song "Thunderstruck." Back in 2021, while chatting on a podcast, the prince opened up about the song and it being his favorite track from the band.

It turns out that not only is Prince William a fan of "Thunderstruck," but it is also the song that he starts his week with. Maybe it is the fact that we are fans of Supernatural, but we can't but be pretty impressed with the fact that this is the song that the prince is kickstarting his week with.

Prince William starts his week with the song "Thunderstruck" from AC/DC

Of course, AC/DC is not the only musical group that Prince William enjoys. And while he may use "Thunderstruck" to get his week started and to shake off the weekend, another group that he seems to be a fan of is the English group The Chemical Brothers.

While the book didn't reveal any particular songs from The Chemical Brothers that the prince enjoys or has added to his Monday playlist, there are any number of popular songs that you can choose from if you want to channel your inner Prince of Wales. Among some of their more popular songs we have "Hey Boy Hey Girl" and "Block Rockin' Beats" that we can enjoy.

Honestly, we are still not over the fact that Prince William is listening to "Thunderstruck" to start his work week. And we kind of love that this is a thing.

Did you already know that this is a favorite song of the Prince of Wales? Are you surprised that this is on his Monday morning playlist?

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