What is Ryan Gosling's favorite song by the Beatles?

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Ryan Gosling is everywhere. Thanks to his turn as Ken in the Barbie movie, it is like we are seeing him at every turn. And we are not mad at this, because we have long been fans of this particular Hollywood Ryan.

And when it comes to iconic and legendary musical groups, the Beatles are in a league of their own. So it makes sense that an actor like Gosling might have a favorite song by the group. (Even if you struggle to pick just one favorite, I feel like we all have a go-to song by the Beatles that we love.)

According to Showbiz CheatSheet, back in 2007, Ryan Gosling apparently did an interview with The News Times where he was asked about the Beatles and his favorite song. At the time he admitted that his mother is a major fan of the group and that he grew up listening to all of their music.

In answer to what his favorite Beatles song is, he actually started by saying that, "It’s not really Beatles, but I love some of George Harrison so much." But then he started to hem and haw over his answer and really committed to giving the interviewer an answer.

In the end, his song choice was actually "Here, There, and Everywhere." But unfortunately for anyone who wants to know why that would be his favorite song, he didn't really know. That's because when he was asked about the song and why it was his favorite, his answer was "You can’t ask me that. It’s going to take me another five minutes to figure that one out.”

Considering he seemed to struggle to narrow down the songs to his favorite, we can't imagine him actually having a reason for why he loves the song. That being said, it really is a great choice and it feels like a great representation of the sound of the Beatles. Even if this is a song you are not as familiar with, it is definitely one to listen to at least once.

Now that it has been 17 years, perhaps his favorite song has changed or maybe Ryan Gosling has a better idea of why this was his choice. Either way, we love that he was able to name a song that isn't quite as mainstream as "Hey Jude" or even "Yellow Submarine."

What do you think of Ryan Gosling's song choice?

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