What is Demi Lovato’s favorite song by The Beatles?

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When it comes to musical influences, The Beatles often get a lot of credit from other artists. Of course, we are not just talking about artists that are sampling their work, we are also talking about artists who found their music to be influential in their careers, or even in the decision to choose a specific genre of music.

One of those artists is actually Demi Lovato. According to Showbiz Cheatsheet, the singer has not only talked about her favorite song by The Beatles, but she also talked about musical influences and the type of music that she always wanted to create. We always love to get an insight into our favorite artists and learning what their favorite song is from an iconic musical group is always an interesting look into who they are. And considering she has always wanted to do rock music, it does make sense that she is a fan of The Beatles.

So what exactly did Demi Lovato say was her favorite song by the group? Honestly, it’s a choice that so many of us agree with because it is just so iconic. She said that her favorite song by The Beatles was “Yesterday.”

Here’s what Demi Lovato had to say about “Yesterday” by The Beatles

In a 2009 interview, Lovato revealed “Yesterday” as her favorite song, while also explaining why.

"It’s such a beautiful song. Out of all their songs, I just really connect to that one."

Demi Lovato

Obviously, the singer is not the only person to love that particular song. Even Paul McCartney himself has named it as one of his own favorite songs that the group did together. And of course, the song has been covered by a number of artists, including some impressive talents, such as Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye, and even Frank Sinatra. This is a song that people love. So it just makes sense that Demi Lovato loves it as well.

Honestly, when it comes to songs by The Beatles, there are so many amazing choices for us to fall in love with. But there is just something about the song “Yesterday” that makes it truly a classic.

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