What are Prince Louis’ favorite hobbies?

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On April 23, Prince Louis, the youngest son of Prince William and Princess Catherine, will turn 6-years-old. And while there is a lot of turmoil in the royal family, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t still curious about the youngest royals. We love learning more about them and their hobbies.

This week, Prince William was back on duty and had a visit to a food distribution charity called Surplus to Supper. While there, the Prince of Wales opened up about his youngest son and some of his interests. Specifically, he talked about one particular hobby that Prince Louis is a fan of.

According to Hello Magazine, Prince William revealed that Prince Louis happens to love the game of cricket. And considering he was being introduced to members of the food charity, which operates at a cricket club, it makes perfect sense that he would bring this up. After all, the charity is run out of a place where cricket is played frequently. Of course, cricket is not the only sport that the young prince is a fan of.

Prince Louis is a fan of some classic sports

The other sport that Prince Louis is apparently a fan of is of course rugby. In fact, both Prince George and Prince Louis are rugby players, according to their mother, Princess Catherine. At one point back in 2022, the Princess of Wales mentioned that Louis is a kamikaze and it is something that they’re “worrying about when he gets older.”

It is not that surprising to realize that Prince Louis is a sports fan. The family has been known to take in any number of sports events, including Wimbledon and the Commonwealth Games. Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte have attended with their parents in the past. And while Prince Louis may not have been in attendance yet, we bet he will get a chance to enjoy some sporting events in the future as well.

Perhaps we will see Prince Louis getting a chance to enjoy either a rugby game or a cricket match with his father in the near future.

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