WESSON releases new summer track “Second Chances”

British alt/rock band WESSON has released a new single titled “Second Chances” that may qualify as your new favorite summer anthem.
WESSON reflects on the past in the upbeat, summery "Second Chances". Image courtesy WESSON
WESSON reflects on the past in the upbeat, summery "Second Chances". Image courtesy WESSON /

It sometimes feels like every year a band tries to capture the feeling of the summer season and come up with the song that will become an indelible part of your experience. Many try but few actually succeed. This year the band in question is WESSON

However, unlike many of those other bands, WESSON may actually have a shot at taking over what's left of the summer of 2023 with their ridiculously catchy new single “Second Chances.”

The single, released this year, saw the band trying to create something with a positive, feel-good vibe. Something that would get you thinking of chances not taken and appreciating the ones you did. In other words, exactly the kind of song that's the perfect soundtrack for the summer. 

“Second Chances” from WESSON is now available to stream on Spotify.

WESSON is a four-piece alt/rock band formed by lead singer and songwriter Chris Wesson (Hence the name). He's joined by bassist Callum, drummer Dale and guitarist Jimmy to form a band that's tough to pigeonhole into one specific genre. 

Take “Second Chances” for instance. At first listen it may remind you of any number of songs by The Smiths or possibly R.E.M.'s “Shiny Happy People.” But if you really listen you'll find a song that speaks to something just a bit deeper. 

Chris Wesson hopes “Second Chances” will find people who feel like they might be consumed by mistakes they've made in the past and help them realize they are far from alone. That everyone has made mistakes and that you can move on from them.

"“We’d hope it might lend itself to someone who is traveling or moving from one place to another, in the same way that their minds are moving on from dwelling on the past and celebrating that departure in their thought patterns.”"

Chris Wesson

WESSON has been touring across the United Kingdom in support of a who's who of artists and are from from done. Expect more news about upcoming shows and single releases in the coming months. 

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