This skincare brand is a favorite of both Duchess Meghan and Victoria Beckham

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There are a lot of skincare brands on the market. For some of us, we are all about finding the ones that our favorite celebrities use. And this is especially true if the celebs in question are people like Duchess Meghan or Victoria Beckham.

That is where the brand Augustinus Bader comes into the picture. From hair products to skincare, this is a brand that can be found at Sephora, as well as on QVC. It is definitely a bit pricier depending on what you are actually shopping for, however, we wanted to know what exactly Duchess Meghan is using from the brand.

This skincare brand seems to be a celebrity favorite and that includes Duchess Meghan and Victoria Beckham

According to HELLO Magazine, it seems that the Augustinus Bader product that the duchess uses is specifically The Cream, which is apparently good for not only moisturizing the skin, but even for combating cellulite.

Of course, Duchess Meghan is not the only celebrity to be a fan of Augustinus Bader products. And it turns out that Victoria Beckham is actually here for their The Cream as well! In fact, Beckham talked about how she uses the product every single day while doing a TikTok video for her fans.

In the video, she talks about how important skincare is and what all she uses to keep her skin healthy and looking its best. On top of The Cream, she is also a fan of the brand's Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum. And Victoria Beckham is such a fan of the company, that she even collaborated with Augustinus Bader on a product of her own, which is also a rejuvenating serum.

Honestly, we love seeing what celebrities are using in terms of their favorite skincare products, and considering how in the public eye both Victoria Beckham and Duchess Meghan are, it makes sense that they would want to look their best. So if this brand is what they turn to in order to keep their skin looking its best, we can't help but want to lean more.

While we may not have hundreds of dollars to spend on skincare products, we have no problem splurging on a quality brand once in a while.

Are you someone who loves learning about the products that your favorite celebrities use? Do you ever purchase something from a brand simply because it was recommended by someone in the public eye?

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