The Traitors will be getting a celebrity edition in the UK

The Traitors - Series 2 | Official Trailer 👀 - BBC
The Traitors - Series 2 | Official Trailer 👀 - BBC / BBC

If you are anything like us, you might be obsessed with the reality series The Traitors. it doesn’t matter if it is the US version, the UK version the one from Australia or now the one from New Zealand, there is something about this series that is addictive. And that’s why we are very excited to learn that we are getting an all new version to fall in love with.

According to Deadline, it seems that an “agreement between Studio Lambert, which makes the UK and US versions of The Traitors, and the BBC which broadcast it,” are close to an agreement for a celebrity version to air on BBC next year. Obviously, there is not a lot of news about this particular agreement yet. However, there is every expectation that we will see Claudia Winkleman, the host of the traditional UK version remaining as the host of the celebrity edition.

Both the UK and US versions of The Traitors are filmed back to back. This is often seen in the fact that there are very similar missions held each season (viewers will notice if you happen to watch both versions of the series, especially back to back). And because they already film back to back, it would make sense for them to capitalize on that idea and film the celebrity version at some point either before or after the US or the UK version is filmed.

Considering the immense popularity of the series, it makes sense that there would be interest in a celebrity version of the series. Of course, the US already does a reality TV star version of the series, utilizing people who have already made a name for themselves on TV. Whereas the UK has stuck with civilians for their series. So it will definitely be interesting to see a celebrity edition in the UK.

This does not mean that we are losing the civilian version of The Traitors in the UK, instead it just means that we have even more to enjoy on our TVs.

We can’t wait to find out which celebrities will decide to take part in this epic murder mystery reality series. And hopefully, it will be just as popular in the UK as it is here.

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