The Prince and Princess of Wales are 'embarrassed' over reactions to their 2023 holiday photo

The British Royal Family Release 2023 Christmas Cards
The British Royal Family Release 2023 Christmas Cards / Handout/GettyImages

On December 9, the Prince and Princess of Wales' social media accounts shared the image many fans of the royal family have been waiting for: the holiday photo. And while the laidback image featured all five members of the Wales family looking relaxed for the camera, it still lead to a lot of comments online.

Instead of people talking about the magic of the picture and the season, it seems as if internet sleuths were focusing on issues that they were finding with the black and white photo that was used for their holiday card this year. And the amount of "photoshop fails" that were pointed out has apparently left the royal couple feeling "embarrassed."

According to US Weekly, an insider has shared that both Prince William and Princess Catherine are unhappy with the headlines that are being shared over their holiday card, as they feel like they are the "wrong" headlines. The couple is said to be "as shocked as everyone else." But what are they shocked about? Well, it sounds like they are more shocked by the reaction to the photo versus what people are pointing out.

The 2023 holiday photo from the Prince and Princess of Wales has lead to rumors of photoshop fails

So what is all the fuss about? While the holiday photo is regal and elegant, while still adding a more laid back vibe, it seems as if eagle eyed internet denizens have found what they believe to be photoshop issues. Among the issues that have been pointed out are a missing finger on Prince Louis (if you really look at the image, you can tell it is because of how wide he has his fingers spread and not a missing finger from photoshop), and even an "extra leg" in the image.

Honestly, if you want to look for issues in a picture, you will find them. While the "missing finger" is definitely quite prominent in the picture, it shouldn't detract from the photo in any way.

It is not surprising that the royal couple is unhappy over the reactions to their holiday card and we can't help but think that next time they will likely look even harder at any holiday pictures they post to make sure that nothing is out of place. Whether or not there really are photoshop fails in the image, it is sad to realize that the holiday card that the family was so happy with and proud of ended up causing so much controversy online.

Did you find issues with the Prince and Princess of Wales' holiday image? What "fails" did you find?

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