Sophia Bush channels Princess Diana and her iconic sheep sweater

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If ever there was an iconic image of Princess Diana that was not a formal image or an image from a special occasion, it would have to be the picture of her wearing the sheep sweater featuring all white sheep and a single black sheep. It was so iconic that recently that very same sweater went up on auction.

The sweater, which sold at auction in September 2023, was initially estimated to sell for between $50,000 to $70,000. However, that was a gross underestimation as it actually sold for $1.14 million, according to Town & Country!

Of course, ever since Princess Diana wore that sweater it has become both symbolic and iconic. It was a representation of how she felt as a member of the royal family and it is likely a symbol for a lot of people who feel as if they are also on the outs with the people in their lives.

And now, Sophia Bush is channeling her inner Princess Diana.

Sophia Bush wears the iconic black sheep sweater as news of her new relationship breaks

According to Page Six, Bush was spotted at LAX on October 19 wearing the same sweater that Princess Diana wore so many years ago. (The brand behind the iconic sweater actually brought the design back in 2020, nearly 40 years after Princess Diana was photographed wearing it.)

So why is this so meaningful? Well the fact that Sophia Bush is going through a divorce and is apparently in a brand new relationship with USA soccer superstar Ashlyn Harris has something to do with it. The news of Harris and Bush dating is something that came out within days of the news that the soccer star was also getting a divorce.

While we don't exactly know if Sophia Bush was trying to send a subtle message with the sweater, we can't help but appreciate her sense of style. After all, there is nothing wrong with channeling a style iconic like Princess Diana, even if it is with a sweater that sparked plenty of headlines back in the 80s.

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