Sir Ian McKellen offers a health update and coming attractions

Weeks after an on-stage mishap, the actor shares welcome news
"The Delaunay Presents An Evening With" Sir Ian McKellen
"The Delaunay Presents An Evening With" Sir Ian McKellen / Dave Benett/GettyImages

A respected veteran of stage and screen, Sir Ian McKellen was playing Fallstaff in a new retelling of William Shakespeare's Henry IV when he suffered a fall onstage on June 17. Player Kings canceled the next night, but McKellen was quick to reassure his well-wishers that he was receiving excellent care.

Two weeks later, he has not only provided another update, but shared the details of an upcoming project.

"I want to assure my many well-wishers that the injuries (to wrist and neck) are on the mend. My doctors promise a complete recovery - but only if I avoid work over the next few weeks."

Sir Ian McKellen

At the age of 85, he continues to have a rich and varied career while being a source of encouragement for his colleagues. Of his understudy, he said that "David Semark, who with panache took over for the final performances at the Noel Coward Theatre in the West End of London, will play Falstaff again in Bristol, Birmingham, NOrwich, and Newcastle." In his absence from Player Kings, he encourages theater-lovers to attend the production, saying "Robert Icke's masterful production remains intact."

Ian McKellan shares a look at the trailer for his upcoming thriller

Meanwhile, he shared the exhilarating trailer for The Critic, a thriller coming to cinemas on September 13.

The trailer promises intrigue and a role for McKellen that demands a spectrum of expression. It is an adaptation by Patrick Marber of Anthony Quinn's 2023 novel, Curtain Call. It had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and Isabella Soares of Collider described him as "deliciously vile."

"The Lord of the Rings alum makes this cold-hearted character a likable villain with his exceptional line deliveries and captivating onscreen presence."

Isabella Soares

Soares mentions Faustian bargains, Shakespearean character arcs, and operatic tragedy. It certainly seems worth watching when it is released to the public in mid-September.

For the meanwhile, we hope that McKellen's recovery continues to go well.

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