Should You Try It: The Killing Kind on Hulu

U.K. drama makes American debut on Hulu
The Killing Kind | Streaming Now
The Killing Kind | Streaming Now / Sony Pictures Entertainment India

One of the great things about the modern streaming era is that there are myriad sources providing content, much of which is culled from overseas. It gives us access to all kinds of shows we might not normally get in America. But which of these new offerings is worth seeking out? Let these posts, which break down new series, help guide your viewing decisions. Today it’s a U.K. crime drama courtesy of Hulu.

Series: The Killing Kind

Where to Find It: All six episodes are now streaming on Hulu

What’s It About: This is a crime drama that feels familiar to fans of U.K. murder mystery series. It centers on a young Barrister, Ingrid Lewis (Emma Appleton), who is going through a bit of an identity transformation. She’s trying to re-build her life and career after a traumatic run-in with a former client, John Webster (Colin Morgan), took place years earlier. When Webster pops up again, she finds herself in the middle of a scandal.

The series chronicles a couple time periods. In the past, Ingrid is a successful lawyer who is engaged to Mark (Elliot Barnes-Worrell). When Webster begins interceding in her life, things go awry. In the present, Ingrid is trying to work her way back and her relationship has crumbled. In flashbacks, we see the steps that led to this present.

In the present, Ingrid’s friend turns up dead under suspicious circumstances. In addition, Ingrid begins to receive unwanted harassment. She’s convinced that Webster is at the center of it all, but can she prove it and get the authorities to believe her before it’s too late?

You Should Try It If: You’re a fan of U.K. dramas, a fan of mysteries and crimes stories, or just a fan of a quick, bingeable series.

One Man’s Opinion of The Killing Kind

As I noted above, one of the blessings of this era of streaming is the access to a variety of different series. As we transition toward summer, we’re getting fewer new options, too. So, those that don’t have a BritBox subscription, but still want to connect with different series from the U.K. will likely appreciate the offerings coming to Hulu.

Whether this works for you or not will likely depend some on your preferred style of storytelling. This is a classic crime story, full of murder, intrigue, and some stalking. It sets the heroine in a position of having to solve the case to save herself and her future as this nefarious figure continues to wreak havoc on other aspects of her life and career.

It’s nice to have all episodes available, and each runs about 45-50 minutes, so it’s a quick commitment. It was an engaging premise and Appleton and Morgan work well in the lead roles. This will be a nice option for fans of the genre.

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