Should You Try It: Supacell on Netflix

The latest from Netflix dives into the world of super-powered people
Supacell - Credit: Netflix
Supacell - Credit: Netflix /

Do you like superhero stories? The summer is a perfect time for these types of tales, which makes a new series focused on this concept ideal. Still, is it worth your time to check out? Let’s dive in, review the details, and give you what you need to decide. Today, it’s a super-powered people story now streaming on Netflix.

Series: Supacell

Where to Find It: The series’ full six-episode season is now streaming on Netflix.

What’s It About: This series is set in the modern day in South London. We follow a group of people who are about to undergo some major changes. They’re united by a family history of sickle cell disease, but instead of getting sick, these five develop something else.

Among them is Michael (Tosin Cole) has just gotten engaged when he develops the ability to control time and space. Sabrina (Nadine Mills) is a young woman living with her sister who develops telekinesis. Andre (Eric Kofi-Abrefa) is a financially strapped young father who develops super strength. Rodney (Calvin Demba) is a drug dealer who discovers he’s got super speed. And Tazer (Josh Tedeku) is a gang leader who develops the ability to go invisible.

All of them are hit with the need to adjust to their new reality and figure out how to use the powers to fight what’s coming—which includes both an agent hunting them and a possible calamity in the future that only they can come together and stop.

You Should Try It If: You’re a fan of dramas, a fan of action-oriented stories, and a fan of series like Heroes.

One Man’s Opinion of Supacell

We’ve seen a lot of stories of heroes recently. Both the worlds of established superhero brands like Marvel and D.C., as well as independent stories of powered people have appeared on the big and small screen in droves the past 25 years. A story like Supacell launches into that crowded space and can’t help but invite comparison—especially to a series like Heroes, which focused on ordinary people who developed extraordinary abilities.

In this case, we get a new setting and a new set of characters. The series was developed by musician and artis Rapman, who created and runs the first season. With just six episodes, all between 45-50 minutes, it makes for something of a quick and easy binge. But when it comes to these types of stories, your interest in it will depend on your fondness for the genre and the world built within.

It's nice, in this case, to see this story expand to a new setting and a new type of characters. The pilot ends with a flash-forward which helps set the stakes as well. All that builds in some potential for something interesting. But I wasn’t as taken with the characters, and it felt like the plot was developing a little too slowly for me at the outset. It’s got promise and it’s interesting, but this one will require some patience.

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