Should You Try It: Sugar on Apple TV+

Colin Ferrell takes the lead as a private detective in Los Angeles
"Sugar" Press Day
"Sugar" Press Day / Eric Charbonneau/GettyImages

We’ve seen a number of unique series on Apple TV+ of late. That includes a new series dropping just in time for the weekend. But is it worth your time? Let’s dive in and look at the new Apple TV+ series Sugar.

Series: Sugar

Where to Find It: The first two episodes of the series are available on Apple TV+ starting April 5 with subsequent episodes of the eight-episode series dropping each Friday.

What’s It About: This new series is a detective drama led by Colin Farrell. We pick up in Japan, with John Sugar (Farrell) on the case of a missing girl. It seems finding missing people and reuniting them with loved ones is his specialty. And within a few minutes, he’s found his target and reunited her with her father. But it’s not all as it seems.

While enjoying a drink, Sugar gets an offer back in Los Angeles. He returns and meets with a famous movie producer (James Cromwell) who is concerned about his missing granddaughter. He takes the case, which rankles his manager (Kirby). There’s also more to Sugar than it appears, as he’s struggling with some kind of condition that has his friend and manager, Ruby, urging him to take some time off.

But Sugar is committed to solving the case. As he begins to dive in, her learns that the missing Olivia (Sydney Chandler) had some secrets, and outside of her grandfather the family isn’t that interested in helping his investigation. Can Sugar solve the mystery in time?

You Should Try It If: You’re a fan of detective dramas, like a stylish series with a strong cast, or are a fan of Ferrell.

One Man’s Opinion of Sugar

I am a big fan of Apple TV+. I think it’s been one of the strongest content producers since it launched, offering a variety of series that have a strong look and a good cast. This new series, Sugar, is no exception. The idea of Ferrell as an LA private detective on the case is incredibly appealing.

It became more appealing when I saw the craft in the first two episodes. The series comes from writer Mark Protosevich, who previously wrote the script for The Cell, I Am Legend, and the American adaptation of Oldboy. He does a nice job creating characters and a story here. I was particularly taken with what we see of Sugar, a man who has a strong moral code and deeply cares for people in the world around him. It makes his work—and come of his clients—feel like a contradiction that the series can explore.

The early episodes are directed by Fernando Meirelles (City of God, The Constant Gardner), who gives it a unique and engaging visual style. The pilot runs about 50 minutes, but the rest of the series is under 40 minutes, making it a quick and engaging watch. I enjoyed the first two a lot and I’m curious to see where this mystery takes us.

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