Should You Try It: Renegade Nell on Disney+

The latest from Disney+ takes viewers back to 18th Century England
"Renegade Nell" World Premiere - Arrivals
"Renegade Nell" World Premiere - Arrivals / Karwai Tang/GettyImages

We’re heading toward the weekend, and that might leave you with some extra time to kick back and dive into a new show. But, what’s worth the investment in this crowded landscape. Let us help you as we dive into a new series hitting the air. Today, it’s an 18th Century adventure on Disney+.

Series: Renegade Nell

Where to Find It: All eight episodes are now streaming on Disney+.

What’s It About: We travel back to England in the 18th Century. We’re soon introduced to Nell Jackson (Louisa Harland), a young woman who once left her family to run off with a ship captain. He’s now dead and she’s heading back home—where her family believed her to be dead.

Along the way, her coach is attacked. But a funny thing happens, as Nell seems to find a new level of strength and skill to defeat the attacker. After a reunion at home, she soon learns everything isn’t perfect. Her family is struggling and the local magistrate’s son, Thomas (Jake Dunn), is a cruel man. They soon clash.

It turns out, Nell’s abilities are thanks to a magical spirit, Billy Blind (Nick Mohammed), that can possess her and keep her safe against her enemies. That comes in handy when she goes to confront Thomas, who kills his father, blames Nell, and seizes power. That leaves Nell and her family to go on the run.

With the help of Billy and her own natural moxie, she becomes a Highwayman to escape the forces trying to bring her down for a crime she didn’t commit.

You Should Try It If: You like period pieces, are a fan of magical elements, and like a bit of comedy and drama.

One Man’s Opinion of Renegade Nell

It seems that stories of Highwaymen are all the rage so far in 2024. Earlier, we saw Noel Fielding as Dick Turpin. Now, we get Harland as Nell Jackson in this series from Sally Wainwright that is based on a true story.

Of course, this feels more like the Disney version. We have some comedy, some younger characters and a bit of magic. In that role, I really enjoyed Mohammed, who is great in supporting roles of these type. Harland is also a great lead and there’s some fun action and drama in the early episodes as well.

The series is just eight episodes, with the pilot being the longest. Most are less than 40 minutes, making it a quick weekend binge. The pieces are all in place for something fun and I enjoyed the production. This feels like the kind of show you can binge with your teens as well!

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