Should You Try It: Knuckles on Paramount+

An extension of the Sonic cinematic universe comes to Paramount+
Knuckles (voiced by Idris Elba) in Knuckles, episode 6, season 1, streaming on Paramount+, 2024. Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures/Sega/Paramount+.
Knuckles (voiced by Idris Elba) in Knuckles, episode 6, season 1, streaming on Paramount+, 2024. Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures/Sega/Paramount+. /

We’re finally to the weekend. That might give you some extra time to invest in a new show, but what’s worth your time? Let us help by giving you all the details needed to determine if a new show is for you. Today, it’s an adaptation of a popular video game character to the small screen.

Series: Knuckles

Where to Find It: All six episodes of this limited series are now streaming on Paramount+

What’s It About: Sonic the Hedgehog was a popular game for the Sega. It was spun-off into a film in 2020. That film did well enough with audiences to earn a sequel in 2022 that introduced the supporting character Knuckles (Idris Elba). This new series takes place in the aftermath of that sequel film and is meant to bridge the gap until Sonic’s third big screen adventure.

In the pilot, we pick up right where we left off. That includes the return of most of the characters from the film, including Sonic (Ben Schwartz) and Tails (Colleen O'Shaughnessey). We also get some of the human characters, including Wade (Adam Pally). Knuckles is trying to adjust to life on Earth, balancing his penchant for action with the quieter life where he’s landed.

Soon, Knuckles decides to take Wade under his wing. His hope is to whip Wade into a warrior, helping him win a bowling tournament. But when they head out of town—and away from Sonic—it makes Knuckles vulnerable to those who would like to capture him and steal his power.

You Should Try It If: You want some family-friendly entertainment, are a fan of the Sonic films and games, or want to hear Elba on screen again.

One Man’s Opinion of Knuckles

Look, I get that the Sonic movies have been popular with certain audiences. We need more family-friendly entertainment, and for many they hit the sweet spot. But I’ve always found them to be just OK. The style of storytelling, the screwball antics, and the over-the-top narrative hasn’t totally appealed to me.

While I love Elba as a performer, his Knuckles is trapped in this world. And this limited series—which mostly focuses on him and Wade beyond the pilot episode—is very much a part of this Sonic extended universe. The same kind of jokes, action, and over-the-top storytelling is present here. The episodes are 25-32 minutes, making it a quick binge of a series. In fact, it feels kind of like another film in the franchise broken into bite-sized pieces. It makes sense from a marketing standpoint, but it doesn’t offer much that feels original as a TV series.

This is a family-friendly show. It is something you can watch with your kids and have a good time. But if you’re just looking for entertainment, this wasn’t that captivating a watch as an adult.

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