Should You Try It: Constellation

The latest Apple TV+ series takes the action to space and back.
Constellation -- Courtesy of Apple
Constellation -- Courtesy of Apple /

We’re in a rich time for new content. With the strikes settled, the network seasons are finally taking off in addition to a steady stream of new series on cable and streaming. With this new-found flood of content, you might be struggling to decide what’s worth investing in. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here with this series to explore new shows and give you the information needed to make a decision. Today, I’m looking at the new Apple TV+ series Constellation.

Series: Constellation

Where to Find It: The first three episodes of an eight-episode season are now streaming on Apple TV+, while the rest of the episodes drop Wednesdays.

What’s It About: The series is focused on Jo Ericsson (Noomi Rapace), a wife and mother who is also an astronaut. As we meet her, she’s taking her daughter to a remote cabin. She seems to be afraid of something. We’re quickly taken back five weeks when Jo was on her mission.

She’s on the International Space Station. We see her talking to her daughter, who is back on Earth with her father Magnus (James D’Arcy). Jo is in the middle of a normal tour of the station when suddenly, something happens. The station is struck, and an emergency takes place.

Jo, along with the crew, scramble to get things under control. It soon becomes clear they’ll have to abandon the station. While most leave on a single escape vehicle, Jo is left to take a second escape vehicle alone. Somehow the events of the tragedy carry back with Jo to Earth and the future we catch a glimpse of at the outset. The rest of the series is an exploration of how those events tie together.

You Should Try It If: You enjoy space dramas, are fans of a mystery, or like a drama series.

One Man’s Opinion of Constellation

I have enjoyed the Apple TV+ original series. In its few short years, to me it’s become the standard for original content. The look and production of its series is sharp, and the content is often quite compelling. But not every series hits.

I was interested in the concept here, hoping to find another engaging original series. The production is solid and some of the elements early, including the sequences set on the I.S.S., are interesting. But it’s in service of a story that feels muddy and characters that often aren’t well defined.

Worse yet, the pilot at times felt confusing and boring. There’s a solid cast and production, but this series feels like something of a miss. Perhaps those that are more drawn to a twisty mystery will be engaged but the pilot lacks the kind of hook needed to keep you coming back in a rich time of content.

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