Should You Try It: Boat Story on Freevee

New series is a twisty crime drama available on Freevee
Patterson Joseph takes the lead in the new series Boat Story
Patterson Joseph takes the lead in the new series Boat Story /

We’re in the midst of March, the days are longer, and it can be harder to decide where to allocate your time with a flood of new content. That’s why we’re here to help provide you the details you need to find the right show for you! Today, I’m looking at a quirky new drama streaming free to U.S. viewers.

Series: Boat Story

Where to Find It: All six episodes are now available to stream on Freevee

What’s It About: This new series comes from Harry and Jack Williams. It centers on a pair of strangers (Daisy Haggard and Patterson Joseph) who stumble upon a boat washed up on the beach. On it, they find two dead bodies—one a police officer—and plenty of cocaine.

While they should get help, instead they see it as a potential chance to change their fortunes. The two decide to take the cocaine and find a way to sell it, hoping the money will change their fortunes. He has a family to support and plenty of debt, while she needs it to change her fortunes and restore her family.

Meanwhile, the owners of the cocaine are on the hunt. Piecing together clues, a vicious crime boss (Tcheky Kayro) will do anything it takes to find his missing product. That leads to some difficult times for those in his way, and means some potential danger for the two strangers looking to cash in.

You Should Try It If: You enjoy a good crime drama, are fans of the cast, or like a Coen-Brothers style romp.

One Man’s Opinion of Boat Story

I read one take that suggested Boat Story is the kind of series you’d get if a Coen Brothers film and a Wes Anderson film had a baby. I don’t know if that’s completely accurate, but it does come close to describing the wildly creative tone here. This is a crime drama, but it’s unlike anything I’ve seen.

The episodes are about an hour and are available on Freevee, the free streaming service offered by Prime Video. I love Haggard and Joseph as performers, and both work well off each other here. There’s an interesting use of narration and title cards, too, to keep the whole thing moving forward.

The pilot starts with a fun hook and then we’re off to the races. I’ve enjoyed the pacing and the writing, as the Williams’ have done a nice job crafting the story and directing this series. It’s not a prominent service, but it’s worth the effort to look up Boat Story.

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