Should You Try It: Boarders on Tubi

New series looks at five scholarship students at an elite boarding school
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You never know where you’re going to find new shows. But we live in a rich age of content with more shows coming every day. Figuring out what’s worth investing in can be tricky. That’s why this series exists! Today, I’m looking at a new British drama that is making its American streaming debut.

Series: Boarders

Where to Find It: All six episodes of season one are now streaming on Tubi.

What’s It About: This new series was created for BBC Three and now is making its American debut on the free service Tubi. It comes from Daniel Lawrence Taylor and is set at an upscale boarding school in England.

The series sees five underprivileged black students receive scholarships to attend an elite boarding school. The school has endured some public black eyes and needs to rehab its image. The five students all have enormous potential, and this scholarship to an elite school presents a great opportunity for them to have a brighter future.

It’s also something of a culture clash. The new students arrive in a new school, meeting new people, who come from much different backgrounds. The series is about their efforts to fit in and to make their mark in a new place.

You Should Try It If: You’re a fan of British dramas and comedies, a fan of teen-centric series, or looking for something new to dive into.

One Man’s Opinion of Boarders

We see a lot of series set in and around high school. This type of teen drama has long been a staple of the TV landscape and have their fans. There’s usually dramatic tension, some comedy, and plenty of storylines.

You get all that here. There are also elements that are linked to the culture of England, which will likely be appealing to a lot of readers on this site. The cast does a nice job, and the early episodes do a nice job of setting the world and the ongoing stories. Episodes are about 50 minutes and move at a nice pace.

Tubi is a readily available streaming service, and episodes stream free with commercials. All episodes are now available offering a quick binge for those looking for a new series to consume.

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