Should You Try It: Big Mood on Tubi

British comedy makes its American debut on Tubi
"Big Mood" New York Premiere
"Big Mood" New York Premiere / Dominik Bindl/GettyImages

We’re making our way through the month of April with plenty of new options continuing to drop on the small screen. But which of these new shows is worth an investment of your time? We’re here to help you make a decision, providing you all the details on new shows. Today, it’s a British comedy making an America debut.

Series: Big Mood

Where to Find It: All six episodes are available to stream on the service Tubi.

What’s It About: Maggie (Nicola Coughlan) and Eddie (Lydia West) have been friends for a long time. They know each other and they are there to support each other. But as they’ve turned the corner to adulthood, the things they face are getting tougher.

Maggie is something of a wild, free spirit. In fact, in the pilot, we see her going off script at an assembly at her former school and diving into a romantic entanglement that gets her in trouble. And Eddie is there to support and pick up the pieces. But, for how long?

As Maggie battles her bipolar disorder, it puts more strain on the friendship. It forces Eddie to evaluate whether she can continue to be there for her friend all the time as she tries to forge her own path in adulthood.

You Should Try It If: You’re a fan of the performers in the series, enjoy a good British comedy, or are looking for a quick binge.

One Man’s Opinion of Big Mood

Sometimes it’s nice to have a series that you can binge quickly. That’s the case with Big Mood. All six episodes are available, and they have a run time around 25 minutes each. That makes it a short commitment to digest the series.

Doubtless there are some who will be excited to see a British series dropping to the United States. It feels like a typical British-style comedy, and being on a free streaming service makes it readily accessible. In addition, Coughlan, who is on Bridgerton, likely has a fan base that will be excited to see her in something new.

For me, this was mildly engaging. I liked the performers just fine, but the stories didn’t grab me. British comedies have a specific feel and a specific style. If you enjoy them, this will be right up your alley. If it’s not your favorite, you might grow bored with this series.

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