Should You Try It: A Gentleman in Moscow on Paramount+ and Showtime

Ewan McGregor takes the lead as a Russian count imprisoned in an upscale hotel
"A Gentleman In Moscow" New York Premiere
"A Gentleman In Moscow" New York Premiere / Gotham/GettyImages

We’ve made it to April and we’re getting some new shows launching with some high-profile plots and stars. But are they worth your time to seek out? That’s why we have this series, to explore new shows and give you the information needed to decide what to dive into. Today, it’s a historical drama featuring Ewan McGregor.

Series: A Gentleman in Moscow

Where to Find It: The pilot is now on Paramount+. The rest of the eight-episode limited series drops each Friday on Paramount+ and airs Sunday night on Showtime.

What’s It About: The new series is based on the novel from Amor Towles and follows Count Alexander Rostov (McGregor). He’s part of the elite class at the wrong time in the wrong place. After a few years away, he’s returned to Russia following the Bolshevik Revolution. He’s not exactly welcomed back with open arms.

He’s living in an expensive hotel because his house was burned down. In 1921, he’s brought to stand trial because of his wealth and heritage. While he’s not executed, he’s confined to the hotel where he lives. He’s placed in a small, attic room, while his meals and living expenses are covered.

The problem is, he can’t leave. In fact, if he leaves the hotel he’ll be killed. So, Alexander lives in the hotel and tries to carry forward as normal as possible while the world around him is changing radically, with dramatic impacts on his former friends and relatives. Can Alexander survive this new change of circumstance?

You Should Try It If: You enjoy a good historical drama, are a fan of the time period, or are a fan of McGregor.

One Man’s Opinion of A Gentleman in Moscow

We get a variety of quirky programs on Showtime as of late, as the network somewhat lacks a cohesive identity. This limited series has a strong hook and a good cast. It’s also interesting to have it on Sunday nights paired against a similarly quirky and themed HBO series in The Regime.

In the pilot, I enjoyed the way the world was laid out. And McGregor is very good in the lead role. I’m not familiar with the novel upon which it’s based, but I enjoyed the basic flow of the story. It’s a creative idea set during an interesting historical period. The pilot also alludes to future connections and impacts Alexander will make to those in his sphere during his incarceration at this hotel.

If you’re looking for something a little different with some crisp acting and a solid production, this hits the spot. It’s one of the rare series out now that’s following a traditional weekly roll out as well, making it a small commitment each week.

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