Should I Try It: The Buccaneers

Looking for a new period drama to sink into? Apple TV+ offers The Buccaneers. In today's installment of Should I Try It we take a look at the series based on the Edith Wharton novel.
The cast of the Apple TV+ drama The Buccaneers
The cast of the Apple TV+ drama The Buccaneers / Theo Wargo/GettyImages

We live in a big era for content. We have networks, streaming services, movies and more. It seems the only thing that hasn’t gotten bigger is our available time for viewing. That can leave you wondering whether a new show or mini-series is worth your time. That’s what this series is here to help you solve! In these pieces I’ll look at a new show, where to find it, what it’s about and some comparable options to help you decide whether to dive in or move on!

Series: The Buccaneers

Where to Find It: The series is on Apple TV+. It’s an eight-episode season with the first seven available now, with the finale dropping December 13.

What’s It About: This series, adapted by Katherine Jakeways, is based on the unfinished novel of the same name from Edith Wharton. This also isn’t the first time it’s been adapted. The story was previously adapted by the BBC in 1995. This new take feels a bit like Apple’s way of latching on to a certain demographic.

The series is set in the 1870s and begins in America where Conchita Closson (Alisha Boe) is marrying Lord Richard Marable (Josh Dylan). Following the ceremony, the couple makes their way back to Marable’s home in England. Soon, Conchita’s best friends, the St. George sisters (Kristine Froseth and Imogen Waterhouse) and Elmsworth sisters (Aubri Ibrag and Josie Totah) head to England to debut to society. The thought is they will find their ideal match, just like Conchita.

But things aren’t as they expected when they arrive. Conchita isn’t as happy in her new life as she’d expected, and society in England is different than what the girls are used to in America. Cultures clash during the summer season, and friends clash as they end up competing for the attention of the same men.

You Should Try It If: You’re a fan of series like Bridgerton on Netflix or either iteration of Gossip Girl.

One Man’s Opinion of The Buccaneers

Apple TV+ has built a fascinating and compelling library of new series. In fact, it’s become my favorite streaming service. The service isn’t afraid to take big swings in a variety of genres. In this case, The Buccaneers feels a bit like Apple chasing the fandom of Bridgerton. In fact, I couldn’t escape the comparison when watching the pilot. It felt like it was squarely aimed at that demographic.

The big difference here is stylistic. While Bridgerton made waves because of its edgy content and copious sex scenes, The Buccaneers feels like it wants to establish itself in a different fashion. It is in the same genre, but it’s missing that edge. For fans of the original series, this probably doesn’t feel racy or edgy enough.

That said, I don’t think American audiences will ever tire of seeing young Americans wooed by Lords and Princes. Nor do I think American audiences will ever tire of seeing these types of stories. I wasn’t completely taken with the premise and the world, but I did enjoy the lead character from Froseth. There’s enough here to keep you interested if this is your kind of drama series.

Have you seen The Buccaneers? Are you a fan? Share your thoughts on the series in the comments.

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