Should I Try It: A Murder at the End of the World

Hulu's latest crime drama is a murder mystery set in a remote Icelandic hotel populated with suspects.
Emma Corrin stars as Darby Hart in A Murder at the End of the World.
Emma Corrin stars as Darby Hart in A Murder at the End of the World. /

We live in a big era for content. We have networks, streaming services, movies and more. It seems the only thing that hasn’t gotten bigger is our available time for viewing. That can leave you wondering whether a new show or mini-series is worth your time. That’s what this series is here to help you solve! In these pieces I’ll look at a new show, where to find it, what it’s about and some comparable options to help you decide whether to dive in or move on!

Series: A Murder at the End of the World

Where to Find It: All seven episodes of the limited series are now streaming on Hulu.

What’s it About: This new limited series comes from co-creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, who previously gave us The OA. This is a murder mystery set over two time periods. In the present, Darby Hart (Emma Corrin) is a Gen Z sleuth who recently published a book about a series of murders she solved alongside Bill (Harris Dickinson). Now, she’s been invited to a special gathering of extraordinary minds by a Tech Genius (Clive Owen) and his hacker wife (Marling).

The gathering takes place at a technologically advanced hotel in Iceland. There, Darby is reunited with Bill, whom she hasn’t seen in a long time, and a number of other people brought together for this gathering. When one of the guests turns up dead, Darby springs to action to find a murderer.

Along the way, she remembers the case she and Bill shared that led to her book. Can she find the killer before it’s too late?

You Should Try It If: You enjoy murder mysteries or are a fan of Marling, Corrin and Owen.

One Man’s Opinion of A Murder at the End of the World

I love a good crime drama, so I was intrigued by the premise here. Marling and Batmanglij previously gave us an intriguing series in The OA. While that wasn’t my favorite, I enjoyed the world-building and felt confident we’d get more of the same here.

I liked the set up and the setting for this series. In the early stages it was a bit distracting going back-and-forth between timelines, but it started to make more sense as we moved through the mystery. Owen gives a nice performance as a mysterious and menacing billionaire. You’re never quite sure what to make of him, and that’s by design.

But what ties it all together here is Corrin. Darby is a likeable and engaging protagonist, and fans of Corrin—who previously starred on The Crown as a younger Princess Diana—will be happy to see the performance here.

Episodes are generally between 40 minutes and an hour, making for a reasonable watch. The self-contained seven-episode mystery is a perfect binge as well. This is a strong addition to the end of the year TV landscape, and one of my favorite series of 2023.

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