Serena Ittoo arrives on the scene with “Nature Foreseen”

“Nature Foreseen” is the debut single from singer/songwriter Serena Ittoo and it marks the arrival of a strong new voice in the world of music.
Serena Ittoo unveils deep & emotive debut single "Nature Foreseen"
Serena Ittoo unveils deep & emotive debut single "Nature Foreseen" /

When it comes to new music artists, it sometimes feels like a new one arrives every week, releases a single on Spotify, becomes a hit and then vanishes just as quickly because they have nothing important to say. And then there are artists like Serena Ittoo.

Serena Ittoo hails for Enfield in the United Kingdom and the release of the singer/songwriter's first single titled “Nature Foreseen” marks the arrival of a strong, important new voice in the world of music. 

Not content to take the easy way out with her music and try to go for the biggest demographic, she instead uses her gift to tackle issues we all think about but rarely voice out loud. “Nature Foreseen" does just that as it talks about self-doubt and self worth, in both love and how we see ourselves. 

“Nature Foreseen” by Serena Ittoo is now available to listen to on Spotify. 

Serena Ittoo worked with Grammy winning producer Aamir Yaqub and Marcus Maschwitz on the music video for “Nature Foreseen” which is now available to watch on YouTube.

When you listening to “Nature Foreseen” for the first time you'll be struck by the quality of Ittoo's voice and how it evokes a feeling of both jazz and the blues and then adds just a touch of pop sensibility to make it feel more accessible.

But once you've listened to the track a few times (and take my word for it, you'll be listening to it a lot once you start) you'll begin to feel the words that convey her vunerability and emotions. According to Ittoo, “Nature Foreseen” is about the doubt associated with being in love. 

"“Although they love this person unconditionally, the song faces such vulnerable emotions of what it feels like to not feel accepted/judged over things you can’t control.”"

Serena Ittoo

It will remind you of the music of Kate Bush and Tori Amos but also the crop of young new vocalists that have made Spotify their own, such as Rosie Darling and Ella Mai. 

“Nature Foreseen” heralds the arrival of a powerful new voice in music, one that you shouldn't miss. The song is now available to stream on Spotify and you can follow Serena Ittoo on all the various social media platforms. 

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